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Hi All
Talking about avoiding 0800 numbers the latest scam down my part of the country is using local phone codes, so i think maybe they are using a persons house or flat,and just getting the calls redirected, theres one i noticed gives a address in the centre of town,which portrays been a shop, but it isnt.
Im sure there actually breaking the law under false information.
The thing is, we as dealers know what to look for, but the run of the mill customers dont, they only check after they been taken for a ride.
As a tester just put in your search bar Aerials Bristol, and take note of the details, then type in Aerials swindon a good 80 percent make out there local to everywhere lols they just change the name of the citys to suite.
There are only actually 5-6 Aerial/satellite businesses based in my home town, and im one of them, but look in yellow pages or the net, and theres hundreds haha, you got to laugh, really its a joke.
And some of the workmanship is a disgrace, you know they go on these working at hights courses to be safe, but are they actually teaching them on these courses to make the jobs safe for the public, i can picture it now mrs molly walking by and bits of chimmney stack falls on her heads, because i kid you not all this bad... i was going to call it workmanship but i cant really use that word can i, because its not, my six year old has more common sence.
All this common bad workmanship is centred round bad training and bad habbits.
Anyway i need to carry on with these quotes, ive been offered 3 blocks of flats to install irs systems and they want someone local haha, but i was told to sharpen my pencil, and you all know what that means.
Warm regards
Dave, Avon Aerials of Bath

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Hi Hani
You say all was ok till you changed your TV'
You also say the TVs in the other rooms are ok.
I take it there all running off the same aerial, because if that the case the aerial itself is working, and shouldnt need replacing.
If you want to prove wether your TV is faulty, just install into another room where you know everythings working ok.
(Only the TV forget the BT box etc)
Because unless you have done something simple like giving yourself a bad connection on your aerial lead while changing TVs, I would say you may well have a faulty TV.
I would say mind you Samsung in my opinion is top end equipment I was a main Samsung service centre for many years, and the engineering quality for domestic brown goods doesnt come much better.

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