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Hi. My Grundig Skydigibox has just died.
I watch Freesat channels through it ( I live in Northern France and have a dish with unicable lnb in garden) I use Sky - no subscription - through it and now need a replacement. Having looked though all these posts a Humax foxsat freesat seems to be the answer! However, the cost between normal set box (+-£60) and Recorder (+-£250) is quite considerable and I want to be absolutely sure to be able to record before I spend the extra pounds (I haven't recorded anything in over 5 years so it would be a pleasant luxury!).. The use of a splitter does not seem to be advised on this site, but a shop selling freesat receivers told me about it (!).
I really do not want to run another cable from the dish down through garden through house.

Is there no other option?

Are there any 'dangers' using a splitter to make my one cable into a twin to go into the back of my receiver so I can record one channel whilst watching another?

If I tried it and signal was too weak i could then change back to one cable?

If using just one cable (no splitter) can I still use the recorder?

Thanks for any info, I just don't want to splash out on a PVR if I won't be able to record.

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Mike, Mike, Mike, you are going to get me into trouble watching all this tele !

Yippee. I am now in possession on Humax Foxsat HDR (Argos £229).(Not yet connected).

I have looked at my LNB - I can't see where I'd feed a second cable in and looking up into the hole there doesn't seem to be any 2nd connection either (unless it's well hidden). I must have a single feed then. :o(

So... I'd have to change LNB if I wanted a second cable (here's hoping the internet shows me how!).
Are all LNBs universal?
Do they just transfer signal to cable? Can I buy any (I'm in France)?

I'd need 31m of cable. I have 4m+20m left over from the first installation, so can I join 3 lengths of cable to make one length (?!) or will I have to buy a new reel of correct length?

Is there one cable which has twin cables within its one casing or would a second cable have to run parallel with the current single one? (less subtle)

Thanks again.

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Thanks Mike #2

Yes it all helps ! (I know not a lot!) Thank you. :o)) There's no hidden trap in the LNB.
I've just (at 10.30pm!) decided to try setting up the Humax receiver with my single feed in LNB1 in and loop from LNB1 out to LNB2 in (as the manual says) and it can't find the satellite signal. Oh joy! It should be the same as the one I had for for Sky freesat shouldn't it? I haven't touched the dish!
Oh well, I'm not staying up any later tonight - I'd just thought there may be a miracle in it finding the signal first go! No such luck eh?!

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Should it work with just the LNB1 input?
In the manual it says if just a single cable to loop through to LNB2, which I've done (I think) albeit with a length of 10m for 2 inches !! LOL
Have just tried again and no luck... hmmmm.
And I definitely shouldn't have to move the dish??
Yes checked all connectors.

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Hello JB,
Grundig died - I woke up one morning , no standby red light and no juice - tested plug and fuse - all OK.

Anyhow, last night I removed the loop and now have only one cable into the LNB1.

Also I removed a scart plug from the back of the TV set which remained there as I have (had?) a scart adaptor box for 4 different appliances !! And it worked ! Yippee.

Maybe there was a conflict between the previous scart remaining in place and the new freesat hdmi...? Anyhow I now have it working and when I
add the other appliances (dvd / french tv / ampli / 2nd cable) I will do so one at a time so I can find out where (if) a conflict occurs.

Thanks muchly for all your help guys.
I'll no doubt be back in touch when I'm updating the single LNB to a quad !! :o)).

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(oh, last sentence disappeared..) I can find out where (if) a conflict occurs and eliminate it.

Thanks guys for all your help.
I'll no doubt be back in touch when updating my single LNB to a quad ! :o)).

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Friday 31 August 2018 5:44PM

I have a Humax Foxsat. Twin HD cables. Everything works fine. I can record two channels at the same time and watch a third channel.
However, when i am recording YourTV i have access to very few other channels and no radio channels.
I also do not have a subtitle option with YourTV. Is this normal?

How can i watch other channels when YourTV is recording?

Please help. I've set several series up to be recorded and it means i cant listen to radio at all.

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