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Hi Fati

If you had a sky plus box the older white one when you switched it on it sent a signal through the scart lead to switch the tv to thebcorrect av channel

The sky hd boxes dont seem to do this and with your tv saying no video it sounds to me like you need to select the hdmi input on your tv

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I've heard rumors of impending software updates that would be crazy as would generate one hell of a lot of inbound calls to sky helplines

Have you concidered the use of a triax tri link kit while the cost of global i/o kits are stupidly priced?

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Got to agree with Jamie generally the £69 installers wouldn't offer any kind of comeback and would use the cheapest parts available
When let's be honest a 9" galvanised bracket is only a few pound more than a 6" steel painted bracket and a 6' alloy heavy gauge mast again is only a few pound more than a 6' steel 1" mast
So from doing a job properly the actual out lay is not a lot more

Percentage wise it is your probably talking 400% more for initial parts outlay but in the scheme of things it's not

It's what people are expecting to pay for the job that counts and what you and your competitors are charging

If the average price is £69 then I'd prefer to do as Mazbar does and do a job that lasts and doesn't rust rather than snowball a bad reputation up

If you live in an area where the job is anticipated to be higher then there has to be a reason
Perhaps your overheads are higher having to pay for expensive advertising to get the jobs or your having to travel further

Just a thought though Mazbar if the signal is as strong as you say it is
Why are you using 6' masts
I generally now cut masts down and 9 times out of ten place the aerial in between the bracket
There's less wind loading then and more likely to last longer
Do you need the height of a 6' mast any more?

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Ahhhhh maximum length
Fair enough
No steel brackets don't rust through but do look unsightly when thy get to rusting stage yes 65dbuv is more than adequate and it's not uncommon here in Sheffield now tooto have a really strong signal like that
Can't remember ever using a pressed bracket but see plenty of them (generally with aerials at some peculiar angle)
£45 for an aerial installed? Do you think they will have liability insurance

Oh and as for CAI and RDI I agree- can't see the point I was a member of the RDI for a couple of years and it offered zero benefit too me and I guess to consumers

I've only ever had 1 call insisting she wanted an CAI registered installer so I put her onto a friend who is
Been self employed 12 years now doing this and a lot of work is from recommendations

Still work to the standards apart from WF100 like you I use RG6 regularly

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Bet they don't know what an analyser looks like never mind what it does

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What price for an aerial installation? | Rigger's zone
Wednesday 25 September 2013 11:10AM


Of course they wouldn't

What benefits do you actually get as an aerial installer for being in the CAI

And also what stops someone from
A) joining the CAI then carrying on doing bad jobs?
B) telling people your in the CAI

And how many of the general public have a clue what the CAI is?

I know of companies that were in either RDI or CAI that aren't now but still have their registration numbers on their websites
I could name them now

I've even told the RDI of one such riggers his work is shocking and a year on nothings been done about it

So a toothless organisation at best

My jobs if assessed would meet RDI or CAI standards but who ever checks

Customers rarely look at what you do and never ask what your going g to install
As long as there is a picture on their TV as you leave that'sall they care about

Cowboys know this
Install cheap as cheap can get walk away

Next gust of wind the aerial blows down and cowboy has long gone

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