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Briantist ?

"I suppose most people are adult enough to see what they are doing" ( in regard to the new gambling channels ), as a response to Mark Aberfan Aerials,

I do hate to butt in on any conversation, but in this, you are dreadfully wrong, I have been a casino gaming inspector for 35 years, ( recently made redundant, because the casinos are closing, as well as bingo halls ), and during that time, took a degree in mathematics including a study of the theory of probability and statistical applications, ( 2 years work alone, ), The reality is, that some of the most sophisticated psychology is applied to keep people playing, and it is no urban myth that was simply repeated in Crime Scene Investigation, that when a casino fire took place in Vegas, bodies were found, of slots players fused to their machines, because they were so involved in playing, they simply had to have one more go, while the fire raged around them, and burnt them to death, visit Vegas, and you will find that the local shops sell adult sized nappies for players who simply will not leave the tables because they might miss a chance to win, and the actual sequence of flashing lights in some slot machines is actually patented, because it induces a hynotic state in players, transfixing them to machines, even when not playing, it becomes very dififcult to tear your gaze away, and it has nothing at all to do with being mature, or adult in your behaviour, or self control.

You as a player, even if you are not pschologically inclined to gamble, can be induced by certain patterms of lights or sound, because these are primal responses that are present in all humans, nothing to do with being "adult" in your behaviour, I would suggest strongly, to you, that you do not become a player of online or real casinos, because you simply do not understand that there is more than simple luck, or maturity involved here, or that if you can not tell, within a minute of starting, who the sucker is in the game , then it's YOU, and you are a ripe plum, ready for picking.

So yes, it will cause many people problems, and it will do so, even for strong willed adults, the ignorance and lack of understanding by politicians, who were induced by the industry, to amend laws so that these could take place, almost without restriction, was a very foolish and immature decision, by those who ought to have looked a lot closer than they did, at this, but were lured by the glittering promise of big tax payments, and seduced by the promise of jobs ( although at least one MP , a liberal democrat showed he knew what that meant, when he told the houses of Commons and the Lords, that the jobs in this industry, payed an average wage that was only 40% of the average take home pay in this country, for inspectors with years of experience, and even less for croupiers, like all the entertainment b usiness, the little people, get next to nothing, and all it would attract, are foreign staff looking to emigrate to this land, point in question, Try West Bromwich just once look in the "Shaftesbury" where there is no member of staff or management, who is anything but Polish, and Birmingham and Dudley casinos, are following suit. In fact the one in Edgbaston, that is NOT the Midland Wheel, recently made all the staff redundant, ostensibly so they could refurbish, re em[p-loyed only one member of staff , a Polish worker who has a criminal record for threatening behaviour towards an ex girlfriend, which she recorded on her phone, and they have to work te rota around his community service sentence to get him to work.

Every member of staff, exceptthe Polish inspector, ( some of more than 27 years in this casino, several of more than 30 years experience in the industry, in other clubs, up and down the land ), were refused employment when it re-opened, despite the new directors ( one a former manager of the place ), said they would rehire them, they did no such thing, it was simply a way to reduce wages, and bypass all the employment laws in the process, if they treat staff in this way what does anyone imagine they will do, to a customer, to make more money ?

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Actually Brian,

Dyson moved the manufacture of these vacuums (or "hoovers" if you will, and he really hates that word, by the way, he wanted us all to call this activity "Dysoning" ) such vanity, in one so old !, He was in fact sued in America for the infringement of the patented "swirl system" he claimed to invent, he actually invented a similar system and was allowed to continue with his patent, as was the American who had sued him, as the court regarded the systems as similar, but sufficiently different, and clearly independently designed, even at the same time, so neityher could have known of the others results but arrived at the same point at the same time, independently of the other, so they did not infringe each others rights to manufacture !

But James Dyson, who acclaimed all British design and manufacture, was a hero for about six months, until he sacked all his British workers ( actually mostly Welsh, I believe ), and moved the making of them to Singapore and Taiwan, then he was a vilain, and to my mind remains so to this day, so no Dyson fan here, but a huge raspberry for his hypocrisy.... what a bum.....and yes, whenever I hear he is on TV, I switch over,

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Actually that should be addressed to Michael, for the prior message posting.

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