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Dear DTG,
We live in Southwark in SE1 and share communal antennae and we have been suffering randomn picture pixelation and loss of sound on some of the BBC, ITV and other channels. The communal antennae were recently upgraded but the issue persists.

Quite often the message "No signal" or "Poor signal strength" is shown. This occurs on the TV in the living room as well as the one in our bedroom. I have checked the connection from the wall to the TV and all looks to be in perfect working order. The bedroom TV is fed via a splitter from the living room and quite a length of coaxial cable.

For the most part I can watch programmes however things deteriorate as night approaches.

As I watch TV mainly in the bedroom (the kids having taken over the living room TV) I thought it was the cable length but it doesn't appear to be the case.

I have previously used a booster but was advised by a TV serviceman that it didn't really help.

Any ideas what I could do to improve signal strength in the bedroom?

Many thanks.

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Hi jb38,

Many thanks for your advise.
How does one carry out a signal test as you mention?
Is this hidden somewhere within the TV settings? Or do I need to use some other type of equipment for this?

Thank you.

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Hi MikeB

Mine is a Sony Bravia TV KDL-26EX553.
I found the digital tuning settings. Accessed the Manual Tuning setting. Details taken between 15:20 - 15:45.

BBC (Ch 23) quality: 24 - 27; strength: 26 - 30

ITV (Ch 26) quality: 26 - 39; strength: ~26

C4(+1) (Ch 26) quality & strength: like ITV

C5 (Ch 26) as per ITV & C4

E4(+1) (Ch 26) quality: up to 31, strength: ~26

I saw LNA within the settings and it was on for all. What is this?


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Hi MikeB, thank you for the link re LNA. I guess it's best left set at ON.

At the moment (17:40) I can watch the BBC. ITV, C4 and C5 channels but having issues with VIVA which keeps pixelating with sound dropuouts.

I checked the signal quality/strength and it was mostly between 5 to 10 (quality) and ~24 (strength). Irritating to (try to) watch this channel at the moment.

The other channel I encounter the pixelation & sound dropout issues with is E4. This generally occurs later in the evening/nights. I will check tonight to see how the quality/strength looks like compared to the readings I posted earlier this afternoon.

I just looked a little bit further and found some additional information that means nothing to me but may do to the experts.
This info gives details on Service ID, ON ID, TS ID, Netword ID, Pre & Post Viterbi, C/N, UEC and AGC. On this same screen are the same 2 signal bars I saw under manual tuning. Quality is perpetually fixed at 0 while strength fluctuates between 22 and 24. I'm not too certain if it is specific to the channel in the background but it does seem to be the case.

Not sure if any of the above would be useful to anyone and if it could help pinpoint the issue with the low quality and strength indicators.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi jb38. Thanks for your points above.

I definitely have the model I mentioned - the TV system information and detail on the sticker at the rear confirms this.

Re LNA, when I switch it off on the channel (I tested on Ch 26 on ITV+1), the signal was immediately dropped and I got the "No signal" message. On switching it on, signal & sound although often pixelated with dropped sound, were restored.

I don't have a set-top ariel to perform a test. When you say short length of wire, what type of wire exactly are you referring to?

May I ask a silly question? Re manual tuning is frequency better to use than channel? Or are they inseperably linked?


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Hi jb38,

Apologies for disappearing for the better part of almost 3 months.

Thought I'd post back on what I've done since the last post - which isn't that much to be honest.

I went to Argos and bought an internal digital antenna - it's a flat one (is the correct name antenna or aerial for the indoor variety?). Code: 107/0929

I hooked it up hung it on the wall above the TV. I discovered that the Freeview HD channels were now working where previously they stated 'No video' so that was a plus.

Also noticed that the channels I was suffering drop-outs on seemed to have been cured of their ails....or so I thought.
It wasn't long before the 'lost signal' message started to appear although to be honest it occurs less often than before so that's an improvement.

The indoor aerial/antenna is powered and has some sort of T-junction connection between the aerial coaxial entering in on one side, and the TV coaxial exiting the other side. On this T-junction is a small switch (can't recall what's written on it). Some times when I get the lost signal message I flick the switch to the off position. It doesn't really fix the issue but sometimes it does restore the picture. I can't help wondering if that is just a bit of the proverbial red herring.

So I'm wondering whether the issue I was getting using the external (communal) antenna was that it wasn't updated to cope with the drain of sharing he signal or whether it was internal i.e. possibly the type and/or length of coaxial cable used to send signal from the living room to our bedroom via the hallway and one other bedroom, per my first post.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards.

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