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What price for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial installation?

What prices have you been quoted and paid for an aerial install
published on UK Free TV

In responses to the guideline I posted about how much having a new aerial fitted should cost, Ian Grice posted: "£40-£50? Every aerial fitter I contacted wants at least £150+VAT considering you can get a class 3 aerial for under £10 and a class 2 for under £15 and cable is 40p a metre why are they charging so much for 30 minutes work?"

OK, for some places putting up a TV aerial is hard work, such as multi-story properties. As many people will simply be exchanging a Group A, B, C/D, E or K aerial for a wideband type, often without changing the supporting pole or cable, a high price cannot be justified.

I am concerned that some companies will exploit vulnerable groups (such as the elderly).

So, I what prices have you been quoted for aerial installations? What price have you paid for installation?

Do you know of any companies to avoid? Do you know of any companies that are good value for money?

Or do you work for a great aerial installation company?

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

8:12 PM

Lynneb: I'd start with trading standards...

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag

9:00 PM

Lynneb: report them to the cai they are a member but I wouldn't hold my breath. If she paid by credit card put it into dispute with them.

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Mazbar's 384 posts GB flag

10:51 PM

Lynneb, £59 is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.

Any true rigger knows that you cannot fit aerials and survive on £59

They must know that their advert for £59 will attract an interest, but once they have their foot in the door, ........well lets just say, they become good salesmen because their take home pay is reflected in what they take off the customer.

Do they want to take home £100 per week, or £600 per week.

If they want £600 they MUST sell up.

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Ian's 170 posts GB flag

10:57 PM

As for no paperwork.

What may have happened is this:

The installer has charged your mother £359, but he has written the company invoice out for £59 pocketing the rest, but not giving your mother her copy.

Or he has told his company that your mother didn't want anything doing and therefore pocketed the £359

I'd call them and ask what they have on record as to what was done at your mothers house and ask for a written receipt.

As for the CAI, don't hold your breath, I wouldn't.

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Ian's 170 posts GB flag
Friday, 4 October 2013
3:51 PM

Having heard of an friend of a friend who took a job with action aerials, and what they do to up sell, I'm not surprised to hear this account of an elderly lady being charged £359 for an aerial.

This guy went on a training day with Action Aerials, going to different jobs to be taught how to approach each job & to extract as much out of a job as poss, etc etc.

Anyway, on one occasion, having gone to one elderly customers home, the trainer cut the aerial cable outside because he realised that the only problem this customer had was a loose connection. He left this guy to install a new aerial and cable for £250 whilst he went to mcdonalds for lunch.
Having a conscience however, this guy just repaired the cable for this old deer and got her TV back working, and promptly told Action Aerials to stuff their job.

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Jules's 5 posts GB flag
Friday, 8 November 2013
8:41 PM

Usual story pensioner my dad had action aerials out today I expected £100 tops no non ooo try £240 for an aerial a chimney bracket 20 mtrs cable and 2 hours wages think I might get a job there
Anybody reading this avoid them they are rip off bas----ds
Action aerials and sky force should read sky high I am an engineer myself and should have done it yet another pensioner ripped by the low life's

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Carl's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 14 November 2013
mr hamlyn
11:54 AM name is steve an i own hamlyn aerials..I can not believe how aerial people can rip off anyone I would charge for 1 digi aerial 1 down cable 1 chimney bracket and my labour £175 and cheaper for this helps and I have 5 stars on my web page and exelant reviews..thanks for reading..

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mr hamlyn's 1 post GB flag
Friday, 15 November 2013

8:27 AM

Hi Steve
Your pricing is similar to mine which is reasonable charge.
Your message would have created alot more interest if you had followed on by saying what type of downlead you are supplying ie TX100, RG59 etc also gauge/type of mast, lashing assembly be it painted or galvanised and type of aerial.
The reason why I mention this is because material costs to the trade can be well below 50% if installing a typical contract aerial system like we see so much around are neck of the woods.
A part typical example is you can buy a painted 6" corner chimney mount for 99p where as a 12" galvanised cradle mount is £4.50, RG59 coaxal cable is well under 50% of TX100LSF, reason been at the very best RG59 is copper on aloy although have often come accross steel, anything marked with ccl incl cat5e/6 is copper clad .
The typical 6" corner mount is proberly ok using a stub for a mast with 12 element aerial mounted on red brick chimney stack, however with bath stone it not onl;y damages the stack but also rusts.
Nice to here your a proper rigger using chimney mounts as intended unlike some using wall brackets.
Just come from yet another job yesturday at combedown Bath , yet again stack was split bracket together with aerial laying on the roof,
When will riggers and customers alike learn that the mount is the most important part of the job.

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Dave's 41 posts GB flag
Sunday, 17 November 2013
Andrew Brown

6:21 PM

Dave: RG59 should only be used for CCTV (not even that these days with Cat6 around!) but I would never use it for TV, I won't even use RG6!

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Andrew Brown's 57 posts GB flag
Andrew Brown

6:45 PM

The cost of any installation will always depend on the area that it is being installed in and type of materials being used.
So for an aerial installation with 1 feed to 1 room could be anywhere between £80 and £200. Any less and I don't believe that the materials being used are the best (painted brackets and cheap cable for example) Any more and that is just profiteering!
Of course there will be people who disagree either way that it is too cheap or too expensive. This is only my opinion on what I believe to be fair.

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Andrew Brown's 57 posts GB flag
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