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No new full Freeview transmitters

Ofcom have confirmed that full six-multiplex Freeview will not be extended beyond the 80 transmitters that currently carry the service.

Ofcom have confirmed that full six-multiplex Freeview will not
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Ofcom have confirmed this week that none of the commercial Freeview multiplex operators have elected to extend the number of transmitters that will transmit the full six multiplexes beyond the 80 transmitters that currently carry the service.

If you are receiving Freeview currently, you will continue to receive the full package of channels after switchover. This is estimated to cover 73% of the UKs population, about 44.1 million people.

If you cannot receive Freeview currently, but you watch analogue TV from one of the 80 main transmitters you will be able to view the whole Freeview package. However, you may need to upgrade your aerial to a wideband sort or relocate a loft-mounted aerial to the roof. Around 17% of the population will therefore have full Freeview service where they have none now, accounting for 10.3 million people.

If you are not using one of the main 80 transmitters for TV reception, you will be able to view the three public service multiplexes after switchover, but you may need a new aerial. This accounts for 8.5% of the UKs population, 5.1 million people.

The 1.5% of the population (900,000 people) who do not currently receive terrestrial analogue TV will not be able to receive digital terrestrial TV after switchover.

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Friday, 22 July 2011
12:36 AM

My postcode is SS5 4BH and for the last few years I have been receiving a variable service from the Sudbury transmitter. I was hoping to get an improved sevice at switchover. At midnight on 19 July when the analogue and Mux 2 signals were switched off, I appeared to get improved reception from Mux A, but from the following morning when the revised Mux 2 (and presumably HD) were switched on, I am only receiving recognisable signals from Mux 1 & 2 and these are not consistantly useable. The signal strength is high but the quality is poor. I am only 1km from the new Rouncefall transmitter and it is 60deg east of the Sudbury bearing (45km away). Could the Rouncefall signal be preventing me from receiving a useable signal from Sudbury? (I would rather be receiving the full Freeview Service from Sudbury than the partial service being transmitted from Rouncefall.).

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Richard's 3 posts GB flag
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4:58 PM

Richard: The answer is that it could possibly be, and because of it partially swamping the tuner of whatever equipment you are using, this even although Rouncefall is being picked up at not far off the least sensitive side of your aerial, that of 90 degrees.

You haven't mentioned anything about your aerial system, but should it be mounted on the roof and have a booster fitted try by-passing the latter, or if this cannot be done (e.g: roof mounted amp) then the only thing is to try a attenuator in line with the aerial lead.

Try this anyway whether booster fitted or not! but it should be emphasised that this type of problem requires an element of experimenting to effect any possible cure, the problem being that with MuxA (Ch49) only transmitting on 14Kw compared to the main Mux's 100Kw, should an attenuator be found to improve the main PSB Mux channels this might be at the expense of MuxA's signal on Ch49.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Friday, 22 January 2016
Jon Glover
8:09 PM

Hi, have just moved to an area (CO9 1UG) just 20km from the Sudbury transmitter. My problem is that I cannot receive MUX4,5 or6 (Programmes 46-99), although I receive good quality and strength signal on MUx 1,2,&3. I am using a wideband aerial.
Any help to identify, and possibly solve the problem, would be appreciated. Sadly my technical expertise is not extensive.

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Jon Glover's 1 post GB flag
Jon's: mapJ's Freeview map terrainJ's terrain plot wavesJ's frequency data J's Freeview Detailed Coverage

11:47 PM

Jon Glover: Re problem referred to, can it be assumed that you are unable to receive EPG numbers 10 -11 & 18? these three programmes broadcast on COM4/5/6 respectively, and that this deficiency was discovered after having carried out a complete retune on your TV?, preferably of the "first time installation" variety.

If it transpires that you are not able to receive the aforementioned, then the suspicion might be that the problem is possibly caused 4G transmissions, as the Mux channels involved, namely 58 /60 /56, are in the range most vulnerable to being affected by by 4G, but its doubtful if any phone masts are located in your particular area, therefore the problem might be down to some form of localised interference.

Have you as yet ascertained if any of your neighbours (or anyone else located nearby) are also experiencing a similar problem?

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Saturday, 23 January 2016

12:09 AM

Jon Glover: Also meant to add, that if your TV/box uses an HDMI cable for any purpose? make sure that the aerial lead into said TV/box is kept well away from the HDMI cable, as radiation from the latter can sometimes cause problems with the reception of certain Mux channels if the aerial cable is positioned too close to this type of lead.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

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