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Front Runner TV
Wednesday 21 December 2016 12:58AM

Jim Brown: Have you carried out a rescan in order to update the programme guide? as Frontrunner TV (91) is broadcast by Winter Hills COM8 HD transmitter on Mux 37 along with programmes such as Community (63) / 5 Star+1 (55) etc, reception of COM8 in the area covered by the post code provided indicated on DUK's reception predictor as received with an excellent level of signal.

If though none of these channels are able to be received? then can you receive BBC1 HD (101)? if not, then this is inclined to indicate that your receiver is of the Freeview "HD ready" variety fitted with a DVB-T tuner rather than the DVB-T2 type necessary for HD reception.

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Michael Taylor: The reception problems reported by viewers located in a number of Southern regions over the last few days is not being caused by technical faults connected with the transmission side of the equation, but the fact that many areas of the UK have been...and still are...experiencing the effects on reception of a series of high atmospheric pressure zones sweeping across the Mid to Southern areas of the country.

The effects referred to being to allow reception of transmissions from distant stations, which if one of happens to operate on the same frequency as one used by a local station will corrupt the quality of the signal, this being why some multiplexes can be affected and not others. This also happened on the previously used analogue system, but though it generally resulted in either ghosting or background images sweeping across the picture being viewed rather than wipe out the picture.

The unfortunate aspect of this situation being that said high pressure is not presently indicated on Hepburn's tropo forecast maps as clearing the UK until late Sunday evening around 6.00PM or so.

Anyone with Freeview equipment which has separate strength and quality indications can check if they are being affected by this sort of thing, done by simply carrying out a signal check on either a dead / or severely
pixelated channel, as the signal strength will usually indicate as being reasonably normal but accompanied by either erratic low / or zero quality.

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Coach: I don't feel that you can be!, as a re-check made earlier on this evening clearly indicated (on an 18.00 forecast) that Southern regions of the UK from a line drawn between Hull and Cardiff were still moderately affected by a high pressure. That said, the forecast has actually changed for the better since my posting yesterday insomuch that the UK is predicted as being clear from approximately 12.00 midnight today (31st)

As far as accessing the site is concerned, I don't know the method you used? but the best way is via the links on this site.

Scroll to the very top of this page (above Sandy's TX map) and click on Faults, then again on the following page followed by selecting and clicking on "Atmosphere interference maps", this opening on William Hepburns Tropospheric ducting Forecast. Finally, for a better view of the UK select "Northwestern Europe" in the region select drop down menu.

Although I fully appreciate that you may well be already fully aware of this, but I would like to point out that the headings used to describe the coloured area's of the map, e.g: No4 "Good" and other favourable references have to be looked at in reverse, as these maps are really intended for the purpose of providing / informing amateur Radio Hams as to the possibilities of them making long distant contacts via short wave (HF) transceivers using the very mode that's responsible for TV reception problems, i.e: the ducting effects relating to high pressure zones.

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