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Tuesday, 4 October 2011
Lemon Fresh
8:35 AM

Watching Freeview in Coventry.

Pick TV and Challenge ( Ch 11 and 46 ) show program for approx. 30 seconds, and then show only a graphic - press 'red' for 'Challenge' ( games, quizzes and MUCH more ...' ) or press 'blue' for 'Holidays' ( 'fabulous holidays at fabulous prices' ). There's also a 'Press TV guide or key in channel number to return to TV' blurb at the bottom of screen.

Pressing TV guide / keying in channel number doesn't resolve issue.

Not noticed this before. Don't really tune in to either channel much, so not a huge problem in itself ... mebbe an indication of just how shoddy the switchover has been / future issues ?

Oh .. update time : Left digibox alone on ch 11 while I was typing this post, and - et voila - the graphic has disappeared, and Pick TV has returned ... uh, animal cruelty !!

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Graham Stone
4:29 PM

location ST13 8LQ - Leek.

(re-posted and update from original in 'Leek transmiiter' page)

Hi since the Digital switchover, while I can receive a signal I have been having a problem getting it to all rooms in my house.

Thesituation is this:

I still have a loft aerial - I know I need one on the roof but that will have to wait a while.

The cable from the aerial comes into my Living room and goes through a signal amplifier - shouldn't be needed (?) but it also acts as a splitter.

one output goes to the main TV, which works fine. another output goes back into the wall into the loft and is then split to feed kitchen and bedroom.

Two Problems:

1. TVs in these other two rooms will not find all channels, and will not 'lock on' to allow you to watch those they have found. Is the answer to split the original signal in the loft or might it just be bad cabling somewhere - though there was never a problem with analogue.

2. I have 3 TIVOs in the living room, they have RF out which allowed them to be viewed in Kitchen/bedroom by putting 'in line' with analogue TV signal - all use SCART to main TV. doing this with the Digital signal - ie feed digital signal through the Tivos OR combine them after Tivos - caused interference on analoge and loss of digital channels. RF channels were: 39, 60, 53.

the 'Free RF' link for our trasmitter indicateds that only 64,65 and 66 are 'free' on our transmitter, which if I change to these it causes interference between all 3, presumably because they're adjacent ? Does Freeview really use up all other available channels ? And if so what's the answer - is there one ?

Any help/advice much appreciated - I WILL get a rooftop aerial, honest !


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Thursday, 13 October 2011
Sunday, 16 October 2011
4:54 PM

Our signal at HR2 9JY comes from Ridge Hill, which as you know is now digital. Reception is normally good, but with any heavy rain in the area, BBC channels go down, while Skynews etc are still OK. This morning all BBC went down for an hour or more, with no rain within 50 miles ore more (I checked on the Met Office radar). Barometric pressure is high -- around 1023mB; could that have anything to do with it? Would a different aerial help?

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Monday, 17 October 2011

8:26 PM

Racundra: The problem is not your aerial, but your cables. If the signal goes bad during rain, then it most likely that water is getting into the cable. You should replace the cable, preferably with "satellite grade coaxial" cable.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011
John Osborn
5:00 PM

We have a lot of recordings on our Goodman free view box with the hard drive. The reception through the box varies from good to very bad. I have rescanned the programmes, but still get intermittent signal.
If I re install the box will we lose all the recorded programmes. I believe re install is what we are supposed to do now we have changed over. we are with Sutton Coldfield transmitter

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8:44 PM

John Osborn: Unfortunately I cannot say for sure whether or not it would lose the previously recorded channels, as on some boxes it does whereas on others it doesn't, however it would have been of assistance to know what model of Goodman's you are actually referring to.

The other point is, and with reference to the problem you mention, it would also help in assessing possible reasons for your intermittent reception if you had provided your location, (post code) as this would then enable checking on the strength of signal you are liable to be receiving,
especially when you have mentioned its from the high powered Sutton Coldfield transmitter.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 20 October 2011
2:20 PM

We get interference from buses, scooters and some cars, from pixaltion to complete freezing, and even lock down, where we have to change channels then return. You cannot record anything, because it becomes unwatchable eventually.

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Mike Dimmick

4:13 PM

Andy: Yes, impulse interference can be a problem. It can be reduced by swapping the aerial for a new one which has a balun, a device that matches the properties of the aerial better to the properties of the cable. Older aerials tended not to have a balun or other matching device.

Aerials meeting CAI Standards 1-4 (which require a balun or otherwise matching to the cable) are usually marketed as 'digital' aerials, though there's nothing inherently digital about them. The testing to actually get the CAI Standard label is quite expensive, so many perfectly good aerials meet the standard but don't get the label. If another aerial in the same family has the label, it's likely this one matches up, the manufacturer just only did the testing for

Log-periodic aerials are inherently balanced and therefore don't need a balun.

You can also improve the screening of the cable - traditional so-called 'low loss' coax cable is now considered anything but. For best results, a dense copper braid screen over copper foil is recommended. This is normally marketed as 'satellite grade'.

You might also try moving your aerial around a little so it no longer points at the road. Aerials have a reasonably wide angle of acceptance before losing a significant amount of gain, so a few degrees to one side or the other may resolve the problem.

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