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Upgrading from Sky to Freesat

It takes less than five minutes to replace an existing satellite box with a Freesat one.

It takes less than five minutes to replace an existing satellit
published on UK Free TV

If you have an existing Sky or fSfS (Freesat from Sky) installation and want to go to upgrade to Freesat, it is a simple process.

First, buy the Freesat box from a Argos,, Comet, John Lewes or your local independent shop:

In the box you will find the Freesat box:

Also included will be a remote control, and this model also comes with a SCART cable, a HDMI cable and a stereo-with-composite cable. Unpack the ones you need:

You old Sky box looks like this:

Unplug the mains first from the Sky box, then pull out the SCART (or SCARTs) and then unscrew the connection to the satellite dish.

Remove the Sky box and fit the Freesat box. Reconnect the satellite cable (take care as to not damage the connection) and then the SCART and finally connect the mains power:

The box will look like this:

The box also contains the manual, which has full installation instructions. Finally fit the batteries into the remote control.

The TV screen first displays the box's logo

The first set-up screen allows you to select the TV type, widescreen mode and resolution:

Next the box checks for the satellite signal:

Then there is a check for updated software:

Then you enter your postcode and the box checks it:

The next step is a scan for channels. This takes about 30 seconds:

And that's it. You can now view channels, like 108 for BBC HD:

Or press the GUIDE button for the EPG:

(Apologies for the photos not being of the top quality)

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Monday, 3 January 2011
Marilyn Dolling
9:34 AM

Confused with the last answer. I already have freeview in my tv. I had sky but have cancelled cos of the cost. If I buy freesat then do I just swap the cables from the sky box straight over to the freesat box? without having to touch the ariel on the roof?

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Marilyn Dolling's 1 post GB flag
karen eadon
10:58 PM

Hi, ive been reading your posts and wonder if you could help with my query. I have just purchased a hdtv with freesat and freeview. I have a sky subscription with a sky plus box, how do i access the free hd channels as obviously the satelite cable is connected to the sky plus box which is connected to the tv by a scart cable.

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks,

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karen eadon's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 4 January 2011
9:53 AM

I have a basic sky package but i want a ,Freeview where i can record also+hd, can i still recieve thru my sky dish if i cancel
with sky,
i currently have my phone ,broadband and basic tele with sky.
what is m best option

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k.preece's 1 post GB flag
Wednesday, 5 January 2011
12:43 AM

i have sky downstairs ,can i put another dish up for freeveiw next to the sky one ? and just run a cable to it i have the tv and the box for freeveiw i,m a woman and to save on cost i,m trying to do it myself

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pam's 1 post EU flag
5:27 PM

I have a sky box and dish - no subscription though.
I want to get a free sat box+ for my main TV and move the sky box to the bedroom. Do I need an expert to do this? Do I need another dish? Is that a stupid question?
I've seen your instructions for changing over to FreeSat from Sky and I think I'm OK with that, but I can't see how to connect the other TV which is currently on aerial reception and not dish.
I'm not too good on ladders as I would generally be seen as 'past it'!
Thanks for your help.

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Lindsey's 1 post GB flag
Thursday, 6 January 2011

9:39 AM

Lindsey: You will have a "single LNB" on your dish, to supply the existing box (as you don't have Sky+).

To add more in, you will need to change that for a quad-LNB. This isn't tricky, but aligning the dish to the satellite does require skills and a satellite signal meter.

For this reason, you might find a professional installer a good value choice.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
Beverley Bagnall
6:12 PM

I have a sky satalite dish, and Sky Box (no subscription) Can I connect a TV with integral Freeview to that Sky Dish.

In my area I can't recieve TV via an aerial.

I want to do away with a box if I can.

Could I do it myself ?

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Beverley Bagnall's 1 post GB flag
Robin Roy
6:18 PM

Please can you give me the frequencies for ASRTA2 28.2 EAST & EUROBIRD SAT 25.5 EAST for my Goodman GFSAT101SD, SD Digital box.And how enter this to my box for better choice. Thanks. Robin,

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Robin Roy's 1 post GB flag
Les Nicol

7:36 PM

Beverley Bagnall - Your integral Freeview TV cannot eork in this manner. The TV's Freeview tuner can only take digital signals from an external TV aerial source.

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Les Nicol's 991 posts GB flag
8:03 PM

Hi - sorry if this has already been asked - but cant see the answer anywhere if it has!!

I have 2 lounges - one has Sky+ HD . The Sky engineer was very nice and put the old box in the other lounge although there is no subscription on that I just use it as freeview. I would really like to be able to record etc so can I just buy a sky+ box and change it for the old box?

The reason I ask is that I have seen talk of sky+ needing 2 of something (LNB??) that normal sky only needs 1 of (are you getting the level of my technical knowledge??!) The cable coming into the sky plus box looks like 2 cables joined together. The cable coming into the other box looks like a normal aerial cable.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Moptop's 3 posts GB flag
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