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Trying to find how much a Freesat from Sky card costs?

Here is an example of chatting to the Freesat from Sky online help box...

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There is a customer chat box on FREESAT from Sky - Call now to order, so I wondered how much a replacement card was...

Please wait for a Sky Advisor to respond.

You are now connected with Pradeep

Pradeep: Welcome to Sky, Home of HD. You are chatting with Pradeep. May I take your name please?

You: Brian

Pradeep: Hi Brian, How may I help you with your Sky purchase today?

You: I just want to know what the current price and arrangements for replacement "Freesat from Sky" cards are

You: as in "you will have to purchase a new viewing card at our then applicable standard charge"

Pradeep: Is it only freeview channels you are looking for or would you like to subscribe to our TV packages?

You: I only wish you to answer the question I have posted

You: I am 200% aware of your sales patter

Pradeep: To order the viewing card for freeview channels the best thing for you to do is to ring the Freesat team on 08442 411 602 and they will assist you.

You: Right, I have to make a premium rate call to find out how much a card costs?

Pradeep: It cost around £20 - £25.

You: around?

You: Is that official Sky pricing?

Pradeep: Unfortunately, we do not send the viewing for freeview so we are not aware about the exact price for freesat card.

You: So, why does this chat box appear on ?

Pradeep: I would suggest you to contact our dedicated team for more information.

You: Also, I presume you don't mean "Freeview" at all.

Pradeep: Yes

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
Robert Keenan
8:21 PM

Hi, Im really confused. I recently had Sky install a dish and box (with card). This gives me basic TV channels without any monthly contract. Only one of the twin cables goes into my new box.

Id like to put a TV in a second room using the second cable from the Sky dish and into box which I hope to obtain on Ebay. I do not have a roof aerial.

My problem is: If I buy a Freeview box, can I get TV channels using the cable from the Sky dish or do I need a separate roof aerial?

If I buy a Sky standard digital box second hand through Ebay do I need a Card to operate it or can these work without a card being installed. I assume I can connect it to the Sky dish.

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Robert Keenan's 1 post GB flag

9:04 PM

Robert Keenan: Freeview is a terrestrial based system which requires a normal aerial, and so if you want to use the second port on your dishes LNB then its a Freesat box you require.

A sky box does not require a card for any purpose other than enabling you to have the correct regional news service, as you can view practically everything else without it being installed and with only the odd exception applying, you can check what you can view by simply removing the card and running through the EPG listings.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag

9:25 PM

Robert Keenan: Also meant to add, that a dish is not dedicated to either Sky or Freesat, as the LNB on the dish arm is a 100% compatible with both systems.

The other point to note being that the outlet ports on an LNB are totally independent of each other, and so you can have any combination of Sky or Freesat receivers using the ports on the same block.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 12 June 2014
Irene Gosney
5:26 PM

If I buy a HD satalite receiver how do I get the card to have it activated

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Irene Gosney's 1 post GB flag

8:44 PM

Irene Gosney:

If you want to view FreeSat, no card is needed. You can buy a FreeSat HD box and connect it to a dish if you already have one on your home, else you will need one to be fitted by a local satellite installer. A few TV sets already have a FreeSat HD suytem built in, but not many yet.

If you want to view Sky TV in HD, then contact Sky directly and they will supply a box and the required card - for a monthly subscription of course. Try looking at Switching to Sky TV - Join Sky online and follow the informartion given. Sky packages start at about £21 per month I think, HD is extra, Sky+ is extra, Movies, entertainment, Sport are all extra as well. The link above will lead you to all the information you need if it is Sky you want to watch.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Friday, 11 December 2015
Gordon Hargest
8:38 PM

I am looking to end my Sky subscription(I have a Sky+Hd box and pay 40/month)as i am finding it an expense i can no longer afford!!! I have some questions,1. Can i use my Sky+HD box as a Freesat reciever without any modifactions,2. Do Sky still do their version of Freesat and if so how much do they charge for a card,3. If i need to,can i use a Sky+HD box to still record a Freesat programe.

Many thanks
Gordon Hargest

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Gordon Hargest's 5 posts GB flag

11:44 PM

Gordon Hargest: In answer to your three questions:

(1) All Sky boxes can be used to receive Freesat programmes without any modifications being required.

(2) Very few "non dedicated subscription" programmes exist that actually requires the use of a viewing card, Sony TV (157) or Yesterday (537) being the only two that immediately springs to mind, the other purpose the card serves is to provide the viewer with news services appropriate to the area that they reside in, as the "minus the card" default area is London.
By the way, standard viewing cards cost in the region of a one time payment of 25.00.

(3) The recording and playback side of a Sky box is disabled by Sky on cancellation of the contract, that is unless a new subscription is taken out at time of cancellation purely for the purpose of retaining the facility. the problem for some being, that the charge for this (dubious?) privilege of using the box for this purpose was around 10.00 per month, I say "was", as it might well have been increased in recent times, many viewers opting to go along the Freesat line at this point by purchasing a Freesat HD twin tuner PVR which provides facilities similar to the Sky+ HD box, the Sky dish and connections from being 100% compatible with all Freesat devices.

There is though one other point to mention, being that HD reception on a Sky+ HD box minus a subscription being in force is only possible on the main PSB HD channels and one or two others excluding Ch5.

You can of course get an idea of what you will or will not, be able to view by removing your viewing card and running through the channels normally viewed, a "please insert viewing card" message being displayed on any that requires a viewing card being inserted. This test being more accurate if the box is first of all disconnected from the mains to delete anything stored in its memory, the viewing card being removed from same "before" the box is powered up again.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Terry Charles
4:37 PM

Will sky remove my dish if I leave them

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Terry Charles's 1 post GB flag

7:09 PM

Terry Charles : No, Sky won't come and remove it as the dish is your property. It also wouldn't be cost effective as the dishes only cost a few pounds to produce so there is no demand for used ones.

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StevensOnln1's 3,602 posts GB flag
Monday, 21 August 2017
6:44 PM

I'm already on Freesat From Sky, but now need to change my Sky box. Do I also need to pair my viewing card with the new box? How do I do that?

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khaleesi's 5 posts GB flag
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