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Arqiva on ITV1+1

How Arqiva helped ITV get the timeshift channel on air.

How Arqiva helped ITV get the timeshift channel on air.
published on UK Free TV

From Arqiva:

Arqiva has supported the launch of ITV1 +1, a one-hour time-delayed channel which went live on11 January 2011. As the transmission partner for ITV1, Arqiva already broadcasts the complete ITV bouquet and was responsible for the terrestrial and satellite upgrades which now enable ITV1 +1 to reach audiences on Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

Barrie Woolston, Commercial Director at Arqiva Broadcast & Media, said: "ITV is an important Arqiva customer and we're delighted to have enabled the successful launch of their latest channel. We're committed to supporting the expansion of broadcasters' services, and ITV1 +1 will prove a welcome and valued addition to the ITV bouquet."

Keith Blake, Head of Central Infrastructure at ITV, said: "We entrust Arqiva with our complete transmission network and their technical support and assistance was essential to the successful launch of our ITV1 +1 service. This has helped to ensure that audiences can watch their favourite ITV1 shows an hour later than scheduled."

Arqiva provides trusted management and distribution of over 400 TV channels to over 30 international platforms as well as transmission of the entire UK terrestrial TV network. Arqiva has the infrastructure and experience to help rights owners, programme makers and broadcasters to create and capture content, and to manage and deliver high quality television around the world.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011
2:53 PM

Good article! and although in some discussion forums I have seen comments criticising this extra facility as being a waste of precious channel space I feel its a rather selfish attitude, as in my opinion even although many people nowadays possess PVR's they have to be set in the first place by knowing beforehand you wont be able to view whatever at the allocated time, this requiring an element of being a clairvoyant! and with this attribute not being a built in feature of the human mind I consider ITV1+1 as being a huge bonus!

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jb38's 81 posts Bronze Bronze GB
3:38 PM

Agree with jb38, the channel has been a god send, I can hear no more moaning about "there has been nothing worth watching all day, then they put my 2 favorite programmes on at 8pm on bbc 1 and itv 1 at the same time".

Thank god for small mercies.

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TH's 6 posts GB
4:55 PM

TH: But for people with Freeview+ or Freesat+ or Sky+ they are a total waste of time, because you can timeshift anything.

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Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
9:44 PM

Briantist: Yes that could possibly be said about some channels, but ITV1 and BBC1 are to many people the main viewing channels and should they be occupied attending to something then suddenly discover that the programme they wanted to watch had been running for about 10 minutes or so, then whether or not they have + anything's its not much good if the channel missed doesn't have a +1 facility.

It could or course be said that its their fault as they should keep a check on the time, or if they have a PVR make sure that they set it, but even in my case with four operational PVR's (2 sat & 2 freeview) its a right bind having to allocate time to plough through the menus every week to seek out and programme what I might want to record.

My comments are of course only really made with reference to ITV1+1, although I wish BBC1/2 also had this facility.

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jb38's 81 posts Bronze Bronze GB
Friday, 4 February 2011
2:25 AM

The +1 is only good for an hour. I would much prefer it if progs were delayed at least two hours. I have a Dual channel recording Topfield ( in fact I have two) and even that cannot use the +1 hour delay if there is another prog in the way!
Let alone watch the +1 and other prog clashes. Sometimes you just can't win, and than it's the BBC Iplayer or commercial equivalents... and if that doesn't work, I find utorrent a very useful piece of software.

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Grumpy's 25 posts Bronze Bronze GB
10:05 AM

Goody, goody ! Now we have a time shift on ITV 1 which is free to view. Why then are the ITV HD channels, apart from ITV 1 also not free to view and only available through a Sky package ?

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technophobe's 6 posts PT
11:20 AM

technophobe: Because Sky have paid ITV to have them exclusively in HD. Sky have the money to be able to "buy up" channels as they wish.

Remember that Sky control their own EPG, so they can make it impossible or expensive for other companies to put channels into the EPG if they are "non exclusive".

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Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB

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