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DAB transmitters, multiplexes and radio stations

I have created a new system for UK Free TV that displays information about all of the UK's DAB transmitters.

I have created a new system for UK Free TV that displays inform
published on UK Free TV

The information is taken from Ofcom, and is displayed in what I hope you will find a useful way.

There are six types of page shown:

Map of all DAB transmitters

On this map you can click a transmitter symbol to get more information about the selected transmitter.

Maps of each DAB transmitter with indoor coverage for each map shown

These pages show the indoor coverage area for each multiplex on the transmitter, listing of the power for each multiplex, and the stations provided.

List of all the DAB multiplexes

You can click on any multiplex name to see its details.

Lists of the stations on each DAB multiplex and the transmitters carrying the multiplex

Click on a station name to find details of the station.

A list of all the DAB radio stations

For each DAB radio station, a list is shown of the multiplexes that carry the station and the transmitters for each.

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Monday, 25 July 2011
8:15 PM

Mark A: Have you seen the map I have linked to further up on this page ( )? That is a bit of a contrast to the one on this page.

link to this
Ash's 27 posts Bronze Bronze GB
Tuesday, 26 July 2011
1:01 PM

Ash: I've moved the thick line to -58 dB(uV/m) and the shaded area to -65dB(uV/m) and I think the Details of 11B/Sussex Coast DAB multiplex | - independent free digital TV advice map matches the reference much better:

link to this
Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
4:08 PM

Briantst: Yes, but the other way around. 65dB is indoor, 58dB is outdoor coverage.

link to this
Ash's 27 posts Bronze Bronze GB
5:27 PM

Ash: Yes, indeed.

link to this
Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
6:36 PM

Ash: I've correct the text on the page, how very silly of me. There's a new post about it here - DAB coverage map improvements | - independent free digital TV advice .

link to this
Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
6:40 PM

Great work Brian.

link to this
Ash's 27 posts Bronze Bronze GB
Thursday, 8 September 2011
5:02 PM

please can you tell me why my T.V will not work in the kitchen but all others are fine,

link to this
mary's 1 post GB
10:22 PM

mary: That's not very much to go on.

link to this
Briantist's 38,784 posts Owner Owner GB
Monday, 27 March 2017
Jeet Chand
7:17 PM

I am the MD of an Asian radio station currently broadcasting on Sky satelite channel 0205. I am interested in finding out how I may broadcast from a DAB Multiplex and what sort of costs this may entail.

link to this
Jeet Chand's 1 post GB
11:08 PM

Jeet Chand: You need to contact the operator of the multiplex you want to broadcast on. Most city/county multiplexes are operated by either Arqiva ( Bauer ( The Wireless Group ( or MuxCo ( or you could try talking to a small scale DAB muliplex operator if there is one broadcasting in the area you want to cover.

link to this
StevensOnln1's 1,816 posts Gold Gold GB
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