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BBC "Delivering Quality First" changes to transmissions

There will be changes to satellite, BBC HD, Medium Waves and Long Wave services at the BBC due to the "Delivering Quality First" cuts

There will be changes to satellite, BBC HD, Medium Waves and Lo
published on UK Free TV

Here is a quick overview of the services that are going to be cut back.

BBC TWO England HD to replace BBC HD channel

The BBC proposals say:

Closing the BBC HD channel and replacing it with a single version of BBC Two in high definition.

We will continue to invest in high-definition broadcasting, including through the replacement of BBC HD with a single version of BBC Two HD. The variants of BBC One in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would be broadcast in HD from 2012.

Launch a single version, with no variations in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, of BBC Two in HD in 2012 to replace the current BBC HD channel. Nations variations would continue in SD

Some BBC One regions to be culled from satellite

The BBC proposals say:

We are reviewing the number of regional variants in England we carry on digital satellite and intend to reduce this to enable savings in distribution costs, though these programmes would continue to be transmitted on Freeview

Red button to be cut to single screen on satellite and cable after Olypmics

The BBC proposals say:

Reduce the number of video streams available on satellite and cable from nine to one to provide a more consistent service across all TV platforms. This would take place towards the end of 2012, after the Olympic Games

Close the news multiscreen service

Medium Wave and Long Wave to close

The BBC proposals say:

Reductions to Medium Wave transmissions for local radio in England in places where coverage duplicates FM

No re-investment in Long Wave once the current infrastructure which relies on technology that is no longer being manufactured has reached the end of its life. In the long term, this will result in the end of Radio 4 on LW, although we do not expect the transmitters to fail in the current Charter period. If they do fail suddenly, we are committed to safeguarding the programming on Radio 4 LW and will use our analogue services to provide continued coverage.

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Thursday, 6 October 2011
John Fisher

10:15 PM

I cannot understand why the licence payer has to fund the World Service.
Surely this should come from government.

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John Fisher's 34 posts GB flag
Ian Grice

10:28 PM

As a Licence payer I want my region available on Freeview, satellite and all other platforms. If they are struggling for money maybe they should consider scrapping the licence fee and compete in the advertising market like all the other channels.

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Ian Grice's 497 posts GB flag
10:29 PM

I think the reduction of BBC1 regions on satellite would upset a lot of people if it's their region.

Perhaps having a red button service with the local 6:30pm to 7:00pm news repeated region by region may help.
Eg. BBC1 region A repeated at 6am-6:30am then region B at 6:30am-7am, ... then after all regions shown repeat region A again.

Regions not removed from the main BBC1 channel would not need to be shown in the red button loop.

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MCMLXII's 12 posts GB flag
Friday, 7 October 2011

9:39 AM

Check the list below of BBC medium-wave transmitters to be retained. Most will be closed. If BBC FM or DAB local radio is not reliable on a portable or incar radio, in most cases the MW option be lost and a rooftop aerial, satellite or online will be the only remaining options - but not for a portable radio. The "protected" transmitter list is interesting. Might it be intended to provide a public service network in the event of a national emergency?
"Delivering Quality First / Public consultation
Medium Wave transmission for BBC services would end in areas of England where coverage duplicates FM. Subject to further technical analysis, across the UK the stations which BBC management would expect to continue to transmit in Medium Wave include Radio 5 Live, BBC Asian Network, BBC
Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey, BBC Gloucester, BBC Derby, Radio Scotland, Radio Wales and Radio Ulster/Foyle

Bearing in mind our ambition to increase thedistinctiveness of BBC services and serve all audiences, and in light of the need to make savings, we would like your views on the
proposals affecting the BBCs programmes and services made specifically for audiences in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the regions of England outlined above."

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michael's 869 posts GB flag

10:17 AM

Changing BBC HD to BBC 2 HD should have been done from the begining. What your article does not mention is that BBC 2 is going to carry more repeats many of which are not in HD. I think it would be better to close BBC 3 and BBC 4 and put the best programs on BBC 2.

Satellite viewers seem to be badly hit by these changes. The only programs I watch on the red button are the practice F1 sessions but of course Sky is going to provide them in HD next season.

It is now clear that the licence fee is not a viable way to finance the BBC. I would sell the whole organisation off which could be used to reduce the deficite.

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trevorjharris's 367 posts GB flag

10:44 AM

The Aussie version of the beeb the ABC is goverment funded, why not here ?? They tried the licence fee idea decades ago but it never worked

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Dave's 126 posts GB flag
Dave's: mapD's Freeview map terrainD's terrain plot wavesD's frequency data D's Freeview Detailed Coverage

5:52 PM

@Dave: The reason why the licence fee idea in Australia didn't work was because apparently there was mass civil disobedience where people stopped paying their fee en masse.

If more people here stopped paying the BBC licence fee en masse, I'm sure we could then have the BBC government funded yet no adverts shown.

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Josh's 97 posts GB flag

7:26 PM

Do Sky pay for re broadcasting the BBC services on the sky platform?

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sid's 33 posts GB flag
David Pinfold

9:09 PM

Sid - No Sky do not. The BBC simply rents satellite space off SES Astra in Luxembourg the same way Sky do. In fact from what I've read on these pages Sky charge the BBC to include BBC channels in their Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

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David Pinfold's 42 posts GB flag
David's: mapD's Freeview map terrainD's terrain plot wavesD's frequency data D's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Saturday, 8 October 2011
Gareth smart

8:38 AM

I to have heard that. But loosing the BBC regions on satallite will be upsetting. But surely by cutting them they mean the ability to be able to tune into the individual regions As you can do at the moment. I.E getting Look North when you live in Cornwall. So your local news Programme will still be there at 101

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Gareth smart's 43 posts GB flag
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