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Ofcom annual plan: 600MHz band for Freeview HD, potential release of 700 MHz

Ofcom plan for additional DTT multiplexes this year, and to rearrange all of Freeview (again) in several years time.

Ofcom plan for additional DTT multiplexes this year, and to rea
published on UK Free TV

Just in case you missed it ... here are a few select sections from Ofcom - Annual plan 2013/14 that refer to free-to-air TV in the UK:

In the light of the conclusions of our UHF strategy work we will prioritise the release of the 600 MHz band for interim use by additional DTT multiplexes, PMSE services and applications based on white space device technology. To enable this we will progress the award of one or more DTT multiplexes (using DVB-T2 and MPEG-4 standards) in the 600 MHz band.

Given that this spectrum could be needed to facilitate 700 MHz release as early as 2018, and hence the window for interim use may be relatively limited, we will be looking to award the spectrum as soon as practicable. We also intend to conduct further work on the precise arrangements for the coexistence of PMSE equipment and WSDs in the 600 MHz band.

We plan to award the 600 MHz band, in the interim, suitable for HD television. We published a consultation in February 2013 and have asked stakeholders to notify us of their intention to apply for the licence. We then expect to be in a position to release the spectrum by Q1-3 2013/4 depending on the responses we receive.

Implement the UHF strategy to enable a potential release of 700 MHz for harmonised mobile use

As we outlined in our UHF Strategy Statement in November 2012, consumers continue to increase their demand for mobile capacity, with growth of 119% in the past year. Spectrum policy will play a key role in meeting this growing demand alongside technology and network improvements such as the move to LTE, increasing the number of cells and offloading wireless data to fixed networks. At the same time, UHF spectrum will continue to be important for DTT which delivers near universal, low-cost access to PSB content and choice for consumers in services, receiver equipment and platforms. This spectrum is also important for PMSE services.

As a result, we set out our UHF spectrum strategy to support the international process and seek to enable a potential release of 700 MHz for harmonised mobile use. The strategy also seeks to ensure that the DTT platform, local TV and PMSE and white space device-based services can access the 600 MHz spectrum band assuming a change of use in 700 MHz.

To begin the implementation of this strategy, we will undertake a range of activities to prepare for the potential future change of use of the 700 MHz band:

International engagement on harmonisation including future band plans for 700 MHz and frequency co-ordination negotiation relating to DTT uses;

examining how and when a future change of use in 700 MHz can be secured to best serve consumer and citizen interests;

exploring options to reduce costs and disruption associated with any future replan of UHF spectrum;

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013
John Beeston
2:24 PM

I have read that filters will be provided to home affected by the 4G transmissions, but what about holiday homes?
We have a static caravan at Rhuddlan which is potentially an affected area. Are we also eligible for a free filter?

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John Beeston's 1 post GB flag
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Friday, 5 April 2013

10:16 AM

John Beeston: It is very unlikely that you would be using an aerial amplifier in such a situation and so you almost certainly won't need a filter.

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Briantist's 38,899 posts GB flag
Sunday, 23 November 2014
Timothy Bennett
11:48 AM

Dear Sir/Madam
Two years ago I brought a Panasonic TV with Free View HD built in as in a tuner with HD & free view with out HD, I was told by richer sounds where I brought the TV from & they said the Relay or Sub Transmitter has broken in King Hedge or Chesterton Cambridge & it is not going to be repaired & the main transmitter for this area is Sandy Health Bedfordshire & I brought the TV for HD channel & can't get some other channels sometimes so can you let me know when it is going to be repaired ?as I live in King Hedge area, The way I look at it is you keep on wanting the money to pay for the service so I should get what I pay for, I could under stand if I move some where & it was poor service but in Cambridge it should be a strong signal thanks yours sincerely Timothy.

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Timothy Bennett's 2 posts GB flag
Timothy's: mapT's Freeview map terrainT's terrain plot wavesT's frequency data T's Freeview Detailed Coverage
Dave Lindsay

1:31 PM

Timothy Bennett: The aerial on your roof points to Sandy Heath and judging by your location I would have thought it always would have done.

If the reception is via a communal aerial system, as it appears it might be, then you need to speak to the party responsible for it citing poor reception if what's coming to you (from the wall socket) is poor

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB flag

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