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Expecting 4G interference? Tests now show that you have a one in 300 chance

Remember the scare stories in the papers? Millions of homes will have problems when 4G starts... Even the Ofcom figures suggested 760,000 homes would have problems. The 4G tests suggest the just 90,000 homes will need to fit a filter.

Remember the scare stories in the papers?  Millions of homes wi
published on UK Free TV

Looking back the the original posting, Ofcom moves to protect Freeview interference from 4G mobile, we can see the Ofcom suggested that:

Of the 16.3 million UK homes with a standard (unamplified, unshared) Freeview reception, 110,000 (0.67%) would be effected.

Of the 5.2 million homes using communal aerials systems, 550,000 (10.6%) will have problems.

Of the 5.6 million homes using amplified Freeview reception, 100,000 (1.8%) will experience problems.

Today, at800 have published the results of the tests in London, Brighton and Hove and York - at800 updates estimate of likely impact of 4G at 800 MHz on Freeview:

"Following tests conducted across the country, at800, the organisation responsible for protecting Freeview when 4G at 800 MHz is rolled out across the UK, has provided a new estimate of the likely scale of the impact. If national rollout reflects the results seen during its tests, at800 expects no more than 90,000 households, with Freeview as their primary TV service, to experience disruption caused by 4G at 800 MHz. Whatever the level of disruption, at800 is ready to restore Freeview to viewers.

at800 has now sent postcards to households in London and the surrounding areas in preparation for the activation of 4G at 800 MHz masts over the coming weeks and months. at800 is also sending postcards to other areas of the UK ahead of masts switching on. at800’s mailing does not mean that 4G services will be available to consumers. For information about the availability of 4G services, people should contact their mobile operators.

In London, in particular, Freeview received from the Crystal Palace transmitter is unlikely to be affected by mast activation because of the strong terrestrial television signal and its relatively large frequency separation from 4G at 800 MHz. However, at800 is sending postcards and running a publicity campaign to ensure anyone who does experience new disruption to their Freeview service knows how to get in touch."

So with 26.50 million TV households in the UK (see Monthly universe summary - BARB) 90,000 represents 0.340% of them - that's a ONE IN THREE HUNDRED chance.

It seems that you are most likely to need a filter if:

a) you are a long way from a high power Freeview transmitter; and

b) you are very close to a 4G mobile phone mast; and

c) you are using a booster.

That's good news for Freeview viewers.

If you have had a postcode from at800 - see Received a postcard from at800?

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Thursday, 12 December 2013
Gary G
4:54 AM

In the last few days we are experiencing no channels but only certain ones (normally all the BBC channels.We live in postcode NR31 area and receive off Tacolneston trans. Has any one else had issues? Singal strength is indicated as high, but on those channels affected there is no bar for quality & no indication of error rate, as if the channels do not exist. Any suggestions??? Help. I cant afford a sky sub etc so reply on the freeview for reception. Thanks

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Gary G's 1 post GB
8:50 AM

Live in Matlock and have just lost all HD channels. Have done factory reset and installation to no avail. It's as if the channels no longer exist... Any suggestions? Is there anyone we can contact at Freeview?

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Greg's 1 post GB
Sunday, 15 December 2013
Ben Hardaker
1:02 PM

Not a TV related issue but a 4G one.
I read of a case of a broadband router possibly being swamped by a new 4G mast transmission on 800Mhz.
The mast is 50mts from the router and it is possible that strong signal harmonics are affecting the router's 2.4Ghz use.
3 x 800Mhz = 2.4Ghz.
Has anyone suffered similar problems after a 4G mast was switched on and at that short distance from a house?

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Ben Hardaker's 3 posts GB
A McWilliam
4:01 PM

I have almost no reception only on bbc channels on freeview. Previously was ok. It's a communal aerial and most neighbours have sky rather than freeview and obviously have no problems.
Glasgow G116AD

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A McWilliam's 1 post GB
Dave Lindsay

4:43 PM

A McWilliam: As it's a communal aerial system that's being used, the question is: is the problem with the aerial system or is it with your equipment, including wiring?

If it's the aerial system then the fault should be reported to the party responsible.

To prove, as much as possible, that it isn't a fault with your equipment, try a different lead from the wall socket to the receiver. If you have a TV and a Freeview box (recorder) or two TVs, connect one to the aerial socket without the other. Then swap and see if the problem is still there.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Saturday, 28 December 2013
11:59 AM

What form is this interference expected to take?

We experience occasional dropouts, pixellation and spitting noises. Due to the intermittent nature of these occurrences, it's difficult to isolate a cause.

Is this likely to be caused by interference from a mobile mast?

I've upgraded the aerial fly lead to a high quality fully-screened one. The aerial feeds a distribution amplifier which feeds multiple rooms in the house.

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TTD's 5 posts GB
12:10 PM

Ttd: eh21 6sx

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TTD's 5 posts GB
Sunday, 29 December 2013
Neil stewart
10:55 AM

No HD channels being picked up from the Roseneath transmitter. G84 9AF. Any one else in my neighbourhood affected?

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Neil stewart's 1 post GB
Wednesday, 1 January 2014
11:36 AM

Pendle forest transmitter seems to have had problems for a few days affecting many properties locally. Transmitter, or 4G problem?

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Peter's 1 post GB
10:37 PM

I am having interference with all my BBC channels, and cannot tune in any BBC channels on my new Wi Fi smart tv, I live in LL65

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Marion's 1 post GB
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