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I considered buying a DAB radio but found that in Lincolnshire both BBC Lincolnshire and Lincs FM are not available on DAB and by the sound of it will not be for the foreseeable future.
Also the postcode checker suggests that I will need a rooftop aerial in Skegness, which is not very useful if you use a portable radio. And a neighbour confirmed the patchy reception.
Finally the poor battery life with DAB clinched things and I decided to stay with FM.
DAB will have to improve a good deal to eclipse FM as far as I can see.

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Not a TV related issue but a 4G one.
I read of a case of a broadband router possibly being swamped by a new 4G mast transmission on 800Mhz.
The mast is 50mts from the router and it is possible that strong signal harmonics are affecting the router's 2.4Ghz use.
3 x 800Mhz = 2.4Ghz.
Has anyone suffered similar problems after a 4G mast was switched on and at that short distance from a house?

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The Evolution of the Connected Home
Wednesday 16 April 2014 5:08PM

A connected home and TV by broadband etc is great - IF that is what you want and can pay for.
However, I have always maintained that the best use of available resources is to transmit TV over the air as millions can watch at the same time without clogging up the landline network.
Those who don't want or cannot afford a phone/broadband connection into their home will be left out in the cold if broadcast TV is ever scrapped.
Also - is there enough exchange capacity to supply every home with high speed broadband? It's very annoying to see the screen keep buffering even with a 7.5Mbs connection so country dwellers would have to do without TV altogether or spend hours downloading a programme to watch later.
By all means move with the times but keep the Freeview airwaves as they are a valuable strategic resource that should not be sold off for other use. If we are truly to have a choice let us choose how we want to view TV and not close off any options.

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