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Can I use my ex-contract sky digital satellite receiver to get Freeview channels

Can I use my ex-contract sky digital satellite receiver to get Freeview channels?

Can I use my ex-contract sky digital satellite receiver to get
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You can get the following Freeview channels on with an ex-contract digital satellite receiver (once it is connected). Items marked with a star require either a Freesat from Sky (fSfS) card, or a expired Sky subscription card to view.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Bill Marshall
8:02 PM

Had trouble getting reception Tristarhdsr500 sat receiver,[ trees]. connected to neighbor's old Sky dish,,Got perfect reception+good strong signal. Will not respond to Tristar remote,.Any idea's why.

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Bill Marshall's 4 posts GB flag

9:00 PM

Bill Marshall: The question has to be, have you tried another set of batteries in the remote control? if you have and the situation remained the same, then try lifting the end of one of the batteries and press any button, reseating the battery on completion.

If this action fails to rectify the situation, then either the IR sender in the remote control is defective, or its the IR pick up device in the receiver.

You can carry out a partial test of the sender by pointing it at the lens on a digital camera, because if the sender is working a white blob will appear on the digital cameras LCD screen

That said, this test only reveals if the IR side of the sender is working, "not" the actual control code transmitted by the sender.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Thursday, 16 October 2014
bill marshall
2:41 PM

jb38: Thanks for the info,Very helpful.New batteries put in after instal,tried all suggestions, no luck. Got on to Philex, [makers of box], They suggested back to factory settings and retune, said Program lock had happened. Will give it a go.

Again thanks for help
B Marshall

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bill marshall's 4 posts GB flag
Friday, 17 October 2014

12:13 AM

bill marshall: Thanks for the update, although I would appreciate if you could give another after you have tried what Philex has suggested, as although a factory reset is undeniably the best procedure to use in cases where some odd type of problem has occurred, its usually always associated with that of reception or guide number listings, as I cant recall that its ever rectified one connected with the non operation of a remote control.

And to qualify on this, that is "if" you were unable to switch the box off or on or alternatively access the menu? and not just confined to not being able to change a channel. Still you never know!!

By the way, the battery procedure I mentioned is the method used to rectify any possible lock up that may have occurred within the remote controls circuitry, as although its not exactly a frequently experienced problem it can happen on some controls.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
bill marshall
2:01 PM

To JB38.
Tried what Philex suggested,No difference. Tried a flash search on a 1 for all remote,Got 0200, entered this, no good. Got back to Philex and they think the remote receiver in the box has gone.Recomended new box. Going to try a Sky remote with 0200 code, if no luck will just get new Freeview box,Will let you know how I go on.

B Marshall

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bill marshall's 4 posts GB flag

5:07 PM

bill marshall: Yes, please do!. Although to be perfectly honest about it, I feel that you would save yourself a lot of headaches if you purchased more standard type box, as those Philex "free to air" devices are non standard compared to a genuine Freesat device, as of course I am sure you will already be fully aware of.

On the subject of a possible replacement box, should you already have a normal Freeview aerial and reside in a good area for reception? (post code or one from nearby required for checking) then either a Freeview box or PVR might be an easier option by only requiring one down lead.

If on the other hand you do not reside in a good area for reception, then Freesat is the obvious choice, that is "if" the situation with regards to you using your neighbours dish is not likely to change, although should the LNB on the dish be of the older single output type? then this is obviously only suitable for a Freesat receiver and "not" a twin tuner PVR (recorder), as this would require the LNB to be changed to a four output quad version (twin types no longer made) and an extra coax being run into your property in parallel with the existing cable.

By the way, should you be able to change the LNB yourself?, then quad LNB kits can be obtained for as low as £10.00 or so from a number of e-bay outlets, the only extra cost being for the satellite grade coax.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB flag
Monday, 20 October 2014
Ian Cartwright
8:05 PM

I, like a lot of people, are getting a bit fed up with the cost of Sky.
I am currently paying for the Sky basic package + Sky Sports at a negotiated special price of £46 per month. (Normal price is in excess of £60 per month!)
Even the special price is still a lot of money but I did agree to a new 12 monthly contract with Sky at this price.
Am I able to cancel my subscription before the 12 monthly contract expires (August 2015) without incurring an early cancellation charge ?
My plan is to use my existing Sky box to receive the free to air channels
but would I loose access to any programmes that I have recorded?
If the answer is yes to this final point is there any way of recording them before I take this step ?

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Ian Cartwright's 2 posts GB flag
Sunday, 2 November 2014
Stephen Richards
6:31 AM

Looking for an easy way to compare TV channels. Is there a Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet that lists all UK TV channels by providers.

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Stephen Richards's 1 post GB flag
Saturday, 22 November 2014
6:15 PM

Hi , want to cancel my sky subscription and just use sky box to watch whatever I can . . Will the sky adult channels still be available to view, only at the moment I have them blocked with pin etc and not showing on channel list . . . Basically I don't want any of the adult channels to be viewed . .or available at all .

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bev's 5 posts GB flag
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