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Can I receive British Eurosport for free?

Can I receive British Eurosport for free?

Can I receive British Eurosport for free?
published on UK Free TV


British Eurosport is part of the Sky "News & Events Pack" (from £16.50 per month), the Virgin Media "L" package (from £9 a month).

There are no plans to add this channel to Freeview.

Eurosport is offers the following flavours:

    Eurosport (German/English), FREE ANALOGUE, Astra 1C #4
  • Eurosport (German), FREE ANALOGUE, Astra 1H, #77
  • Eurosport (German), FREE DIGITAL, Astra 1M, #91
  • British Eurosport, Sky Digital package, Astra 2A #8
  • Eurosport (Spanish), Digital+ package, Astra 1E #26 and #46
    Eurosport (Czech/Hungarian),UPC Direct, Astra 1G #79
  • Eurosport (Polish), Digital Pay, Astra 1G
  • Eurosport (Dutch, English), Canal+NL, Astra 1H #97
  • Eurosport France (French), Canal Satellite Pay, Astra 1E #76
  • Eurosport News (Spanish), Digital+ Pay, Astra 1E #60
  • Eurosport News (English), Sky Digital, Astra 2D #55
  • Eurosport News (English), UPC Direct, Astra 1G #95
  • Eurosport News (Spanish), FREE ANALOGUE, Astra 1E #26

However, your Sky Digital box cannot receive analogue reception and has no support for dual dish (or dual LNB) configuration, and you cannot subscribe to the digital packages from the UK.

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Sunday, 9 January 2011
4:44 PM

I can recieve Eurosport International on Amstrd analogue Is there Eurosport 2 on this analogue They advertise 2 on the analogue but I cant find it. Also does anyone know can I get France 2 or3 as there is more cycling from these stations as seen when you visit France.

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Cranston's 1 post GB flag
11:20 PM

You think you are being ripped of, we in Ireland pay 76 for the full package from Sky.
And at one time the was par with £ we didn't get a reduction from Sky.

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Dennis's 1 post IE flag
Monday, 10 January 2011

7:23 AM

Dennis: Of course not. Sky is about making money for Sky.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
MJ Ray

3:27 PM

@Cranston - as far as I know, Eurosport 2 is not free-to-air on either analogue or digital, and you can receive France 2 and France 3 by moving your dish to point at 5W (instead of the 19E where Eurosport Germany is), as long as your equipment can cope with SECAM (instead of PAL used by Germany and UK). If you get black and white with a bit of a buzz, it's not decoding SECAM correctly, but maybe you'll still think it's watchable enough! That said, France 2 and 3 are free-to-air in digital at 5W, so maybe it's worth a new receiver?

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MJ Ray's 44 posts GB flag
MJ Ray

3:28 PM

Erm, can someone edit my previous comment, please? I forgot the @ in front of my username! *blush*

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MJ Ray's 44 posts GB flag
Thursday, 20 January 2011
g long
5:48 PM

can anyone help us today 20/1/2011 our analoge eurosprt screen went blue has the
srvice been turned off,or is my sytem to blame i have read all of thecomments on this
site they are all 2007,iwish to carry on with
analoge signal need help fast please

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g long's 1 post GB flag
Friday, 21 January 2011

7:33 AM

g long: The analogue service has been discontinued.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Saturday, 29 January 2011
David Gough
7:11 AM

why is it that those of us who only get freeview channels,never get any notice of channel changes,i like my si,fi on channel one,is there any on challenge?

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David Gough's 2 posts GB flag
8:02 PM

Channel one's closure was announced months ago. Challenge only shows classic game shows, so no sci-fi.

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Chris's 6 posts GB flag
Sunday, 30 January 2011
3:57 PM

Am still picking analogue Eurosport up with English commentry, found it on a channel called Pheonix.

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Geoff's 1 post GB flag
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