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Monday, 30 December 2019

3:32 AM


Your location is not predicted to have good reception of most multiplexes unfortunately. There is not a problem with the transmitter. I'd suggest that you check all your coax plugs, connections, flyleads etc, unplug connectors check for corrosion or other problems and reconnect them. Flyleads are a common problem, try swapping/changing them. See what signal strengths and quality you are getting for the multiplexes shown in your Box/TV's tuning section. Also check that your downlead looks undamaged (especially if it is old) and that your aerial seems intact and pointing in the correct direction.
Problematic connections, water ingress etc. can seem to affect reception of just an individual or several multiplexes.

For reference, the correct UHF channels for Tacolneston are C40, C43, C46, C42, C45, C39, C55, C56, C32 for multiplexes PSBs1-3, COMs4-8 & Local. If you don't have a HD tuner ignore C46/C55/C56. Reception of multiplexes will depend on location especially COMs7&8 & Local which may not be received.

Having said the above, currently there are interference issues. If you still have problems after this clears up, you might be advised to get a local aerial expert to check you have the optimal installation for your location.

There are unusually high levels of "Tropospheric propagation" at present, often associated with High Pressure weather systems.
These levels of propagation are unusual at this time of year - they cause signals from more distant transmitters to travel a lot further than normal. It is currently affecting different parts of the country by varying degrees and signals can change by the second or remain stable for much longer periods.
In the old "analogue" days there was a lot of talk about "continental" interference often in the summer months, but the interference can come from transmitters anywhere in the UK or Europe and even further afield. At the moment some people are getting DAB radio from the Netherlands and FM Radio from France as well as the interference to DTV.

It is predicted to continue for a couple more days, and you are advise NOT to retune as you will likely lose the correct tuning that you had. The "propagation" can be very frequency dependent, and it can only affected one frequency or several, but it can/will be different for others.

People will however have noticed the unusually mild weather which the Met office is referring to as a "Foehn effect" but it's not helpful that it seems none of the major broadcasters are making any reference to the interference being caused to TV and Radio reception! So it's no surprise that people wonder what is going on and think there is a transmitter problem.

For those that have retuned and lost correct tuning, you will have to try again and it could be hit and miss whilst the unusual propagation continues. If you are able to do a manual tune for the correct UHF channels, you may still receive interference or the wrong programmes.

eric priestley:

Please note the above. You are predicted to get Good reception from the Heathfield transmitter under normal circumstances. The correct UHF channels for Heathfield are C41, C44, C47, C40, C43, C46 for PSBs1-3, COMs4-6.
If you don't have an HD tuner ignore C47.

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Chris.SE's 1,011 posts GB
Saturday, 1 February 2020
Phill Lloyd
7:47 AM

Hi. Looking for advice after loosing all of my signal from the Chatton transmitter. All signals disappeared around 48 hours ago but then reappeared as normal yesterday for around 4 hours in the afternoon but went again and have not returned. We have had a full new aerial and cabling system installed on the 3rd Jan which has worked well with no issues.

I noted on engineering page that chatton for Berwick (where we receive our signal from) had planned engineering work on it's relay this week so hope that this is the cause of the problem not our new system. It states interruption to service possible. Is there anywhere we can get information on this work and its probable effect on our service.

We have two TV's one through a BT box and the other direct from the aerial source.


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Phill Lloyd's 2 posts GB

8:28 AM

Phill Lloyd:

See reply to your post of Chatton transmitter page.

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Chris.SE's 1,011 posts GB
Monday, 24 February 2020
Sandy Clubley
6:40 AM

We have no picture or sound and have decided we need a new aerial.
We bought a sony bravia 32 inch tv but didnt realise it couldn't pick up itv hub or channel 4 online.
With these factors in mind plus wanting to split the signal to an older digital tv upstairs, please can you advise me on aerial purchase?

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Sandy Clubley's 1 post GB

10:43 AM

Sandy Clubley :

I'm afraid we can't advise without a full postcode to look at the Freeview Detailed Coverage Checker to see what predicted reception is for your location. Otherwise you may be better checking with some local recommended aerial suppliers/installers.

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Chris.SE's 1,011 posts GB
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