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Nigel tofield;

As has already been said, this sounds like a problem with interference. It's unclear from your post if it just "starts" at some point between 7pm and 7.30pm, or is present for exactly that period only. Whichever, it's clearly a regular event probably on a timer. The most common things are central heating, hot-water heating (Immersion heaters) etc. Igniters or thermostats may have gone faulty, but external flood lighting is another possibility, nor should you rule out any internal lighting such as fluorescents (compact or otherwise) and I'm afraid some LEDs (non-filamentary types which are the most common) all of which may have developed a fault.

Check the timing of your own electrical equipment, and also see if neighbours are having similar issues. It could be a near neighbour that has the faulty equipment.

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Arch A: & Chris Dale:

As has been mentioned previously by posters on this site, the website owner has had other commitments and has not been able to keep all aspects of the site up-to-date.

For current channel & mux information etc I'll repeat part of my post made on 6th March 2018 (p171) -

For those wanting to do a manual retune, the UHF channels are as follows -
UHF33 (ArqA-COM5), UHF48 (SDN-COM4), UHF49 (BBCA-PSB1), UHF51 (LBS) reception depends on location, UHF52 (ArqB-COM6), UHF54 (D3&4-PSB2). For those with HD tuners - include the following - UHF35 (COM8), UHF36 (COM7) and UHF58 (BBCB-PSB3).

For those wanting a list of Digital changes at Mendip, consult Freeview UK at
To check reception at your own location, click on Change Address just below the big pink menu bar and then enter your postcode, make sure you have Detailed View ticked.

A list of current Freeview channels can be seen here -
Planned Engineering work can be seen here -

Note - There is planned engineering at Mendip this week with possible service interruptions.

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I expect there will be a belated Transmitter Engineering post to advise that all muxes other than COMs 7&8 and LBS went off-air shortly after midnight.

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Zoi: (and others)

I agree with you it is very annoying when this happens (even when you know it can/will). Unless you complain to the operator as MikerP has suggested, nothing will change! The muxes all came back shortly before 0330.

Advice to you and everyone, re-tuning should ALWAYS be the LAST RESORT and only then if you have checked all else.
If you have lost signal to more than one set then retuning should NOT be carried out (unless you know a transmitter re-tune event has occurred and they are usually messaged on-screen days before the event and can be checked on-line).

IF you seem to have lost signal, the first check to see if ALL channels/muxes have lost signal. If some are still being received, this reduces the chances it might be your aerial system or connections, BUT movements in aerial and bad connections can sometimes have this effect. Use your set tuning system (where possible) to check the strength and quality of the signals you are receiving, if they are normal, then check for transmitter maintenance or faults. Also plug out and in any aerial connectors/flyleads which may help if there's a "dirty" connection. Also consider swapping/replacing a flylead in case it's gone faulty - it can happen.

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