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David Grimshaw:

If the signal strength is still showing as 50-60% (any quality or error figures?), there's a number of possibilities here. Whilst I can't find any current listings of faults for any of the transmitters you might receive (more on that in a moment), that doesn't mean one hasn't occurred. There's nothing reported at present or in the last 5 days by the BBC or Freeview.

Whilst your aerial is in the loft, it's not likely to have deteriorated, the downlead MAY be a problem being that old if it's exposed to the elements especially sunlight. A visual inspection will show if there's any cracks or missing bits of the outer insulation, but again this might NOT be the cause.

The way your post is phrased suggests you believe you are receiving the Keighley relay transmitter, the aerial rods should be vertical and it should be pointing at a bearing of 126 degrees (fractionally E of SE). In roughly the same direction (likely within the beamwidth of the aerial) there's the very low power Keighley Town relay transmitter. There's also the main Emley Moor transmitter which is still predicted to give good signals at your location even though the aerial rods should be horizontal, it may be strong enough to get weak reception on your aerial.

Retuning or resetting when signals are weak or missing whether it be faults, transmitter maintenance, or weather, etc. can result in you becoming inadvertently tuned to weaker signals from another transmitter.

Apart from checking you haven't disturbed the aerial or put or changed anything in the loft that could affect reception, the thing is to check which UHF channels you are actually tuned to by looking in the tuning sections.
I'll list the relevant UHF channels in the multiplex order BBCA/PSB1, D3&4/PSB2, BBCB HD/PSB3, SDN/COM4, ArqA/COM5, ArqB/COM6, COM7.
See for which programmes are on which multiplex. Also note only Emley Moor has COM7, Keighley Town only has the PSBs.

Keighley - C40, C43, C46, C29, C31, C37
Keighley Town - C21, C24, C27
Emley Moor - C47, C44, C41, C33, C36, C48, C55


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Details of Two_Lochs_Radio analogue radio station
Thursday 25 February 2021 10:42PM


Radio maps have not seemed to work correctly for quite a while!

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Details of BBC_Radio_Kent DAB radio station
Saturday 27 February 2021 12:12AM


I don't know what's happened to your post (I'll guess the word censor has got it for some reason), but from the opening words that I can view on the list of comments you'll need to refer to the broadcaster's website and schedule for BBC Radio Kent. The following page will cover what you need and you can listen to the programme again with the BBC Sounds App.
You can find details on contacting BBC Radio Kent on the following page

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