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Bernard :

The post before your lists all the multiplexes broadcasting from Pontop Pike. Some of the information on this website is incorrect/not up-to-date.
There were no transmitter changes anywhere in March that might have affected your reception of COM7, however at both Emley Moor and Belmont transmitters COM7 moved to the Single Frequency Network of C55 BUT that was in early February which MAY have had some possible effect.
As StevensOnln1 says, a full postcode is needed to see what your predicted reception is.

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If a TV set has a built in Freesat tuner wouldn't that work as well?

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David Clarke:

Whilst there are some small variations across your postcode area, the Freeview Detailed Coverage Checker doesn't show Ridge Hill as the "Most likely" (or the best) transmitter for you. Several transmitters could be received with differing reliability. (Have you moved since your previous post?)

There are two transmitters within the likely beamwidth of an aerial pointing in the Ridge Hill "direction" but more to the point are your aerial rods horizontal or vertical?
If they are vertical then you shouldn't be tuning to Ridge Hill which is horizontal polarisation.

Also if you've done an automatic tune rather than a manual one, then it's possible you could be tuned to the "wrong" transmitter with unreliable signals for the location and aerial polarisation.

Check in your TV's tuning section which UHF channels it's tuning to (make a note in case you need to return to them).
Ridge Hill, as you probably know, is C28, C25, C22, C21, C24, C27, C55 for PSBs1-3, COMs 4-7.
It's bearing 243 degrees (27 degrees S of due W) rods horizontal.
Now Malvern is bearing 258 degrees (12 degrees S of due W) rods Vertical.
Its channels are C41, C44, C47, C29, C31, C37. (no COM7).
There is also a very low power relay at Worcester bearing 292 degrees (22 degrees N of due W) ie virtually WNW, rods vertical, but its an SFN with Ridge Hill (uses the same channels) but it is closer.

If you find you are not tuned to the correct channels, it may pay to clear previous tuning by doing an automatic tune with the aerial unplugged, then plug it back in and do a manual tune for the correct channels depending on your aerial polarisation and direction.

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