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Stephen Hopps:

This could be very much a case of suck it and see. A conversation with a local aerial contractor who knows your location well might be a good idea. The height of your aerial may also be critical. Depending on your local geography a shift along a road of a few 10's of metres can also make a difference!
You are supposedly easily within the coverage area for Sandy Heath and have line-of-sight to the transmitter, as indeed you do to the other transmitters EXCEPT Tacolneston despite the predicted coverage. There is a small hill in the sight path about 17km away.

It may depend on how much you use COMs 7&8, how unreliable the signal may be and which local news you want. Bear in mind that (at present) COMs 7&8 are due to close down at some point by 2022 by which time we are all expecting some of the other existing muxes will change to HD and so what is carried on them may well change as well.

One point that isn't clear is when you actually lost reception of COMs 7&8. If it's only recently, it may have been down to the recent high pressure weather system causing interference from other transmitters and at the end of the day if reception of them isn't too unreliable then it might be better to stick with what you have as you need to consider reliability of reception of the other muxes. Whilst predicted reception is a good guide it is not always absolute! Let us know how you get on.

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Maybe you aren't quite long enough in the tooth :) In my post immediately prior to your last, I gave you the link where you can get the information about Sandy Heath (& other transmitters that give some "maybe receivable" signal in your location!) Exploring that "official site" will give a wealth of other information.
StevensOnln1 has now provided the general link as well as the listing page.
It is still worth checking connections by removing aerial plugs from sockets etc and plugging them in again. A slight bit of oxidation on a connection can sometimes cause issues and sometimes only affect some frequencies.
Posting on the Sandy Heath page on this site in future may also give you some information that "might" be useful but some of the page information is not up to date. The DigitalUK site is the definitive source.

Considering some of the issues you've mentioned in previous posts I suggest you do a complete retune as follows - remove the aerial plug from the TV (or box to retune) and do a full automatic retune which should clear the memory of any existing information/data. Reconnect the aerial (& remember to ensure any series boxes with RF pass-through are turned on) then do a manual tune of each of the UHF channels listed for Sandy Heath.


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Full technical details of Freeview
Wednesday 22 May 2019 6:41AM

D. A. Brown:

I know this reply is somewhat "late" but might still be useful.
Did you mean lose COMs 7&8 from the Humax PVR or from a TV set it's plugged into?

If the latter then maybe it's because the PVR has an RF pass-through that powers down in standby and because those COMs maybe transmitted at lower power than the others, there's not quite enough breakthrough of their signal whereas the others are strong enough for your set still to function OK.

If it's the PVR itself then maybe a full retune may help, first retune automatically with the aerial unplugged to clear all existing stored data, then do a manual tune for each UHF channel used by your transmitter.

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Typo there ;) The retune dates are 5th June & 19th June.

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