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John Baker:

The BBC have reported a fault - From 11:35am on 17th May 2022 BBC B HD Off the air due to a fault.
I also believe this transmitter is aka Whitehaven.

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Well apart from being really odd, that must have been extremely irritating. The formatting presumably destroyed any other recordings you had on them.
I'm afraid I can't throw any light on what is going on /or went on.
When you say the Mendip region is OK, is that someone recording from Mednip? Certainly watching Talking Pictures for a short time, I've not spotted any problem.

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Charles Jennings:

Just because you are in a London Borough doesn't automatically mean you will get good signals from Crystal Palace. There are many "pockets" within the London area that have to use a Relay transmitter because they can't get good signals from Crystal Palace. That said, in general, your area should get signals from Crystal Palace (but a full postcode would be needed for confirmation of predicted reception).

Because of your general location your aerial will be pointing roughly SSE and well within the beamwidth of your aerial is the Reigate transmitter (due S) and this operates as an SFN (Single Frequency Network) for the PSB multiplexes. That transmitter is currently listed for Planned Engineering and because of being an SFN it quite probable that changes to signals from Reigate will affect your reception. There is no detail about when the work will be complete, but as it's been listed for 4 weeks, it may finish soon.

As far as your Humax goes, I don't know as I haven't got one, but if it has an option for manual tuning then yes you should be able to tune to Sandy Heath. That said, if you are getting reliable signals from Sandy, you are quite lucky as parts of your area are predicted to get no signal from Sandy.

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Sorry for the delay in reply, there was a problem with the website. If your friends 32" suffered the same problem then it's likely you might have an issue with your aerial installation BUT as you've posted on a radio transmitter page rather than the TV one which you're receiving it's not possible to be definitive.
You may not know which transmitter you receive - that's why people are asked to provide a full postcode so we can check the predicted reception and likely transmitter.

You haven't said how long this problem has been occurring or which channels are affected.

Generally in he Stafford area, assuming that's why you've posted here, you could most likely receive the Sutton Coldfield transmitter if your aerial is pointing SE, or the Wrekin transmitter if your aerial is pointing roughly WSW, but there could still be local variations due to the terrain.

If the problem is just the last few days it could be transmitter maintenance occurring at Sutton Coldfield if that's the one you get, but you may still have a marginal signal in normal conditions if there's a problem with your installation.
The smaller TV that worked may have a more sensitive tuner which works with a weaker signal.
It might be wise to check your LG at your friends to check it works ok.

How old (roughly) is the aerial installation? Do you have any preamp/splitter for more than one set?
If you provide a full postcode, we can look at the predicted reception and should be able to advise further.

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