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Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so can the two servic

Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so can the two services share the same dish?

Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so c
published on UK Free TV

No, you cannot use a satellite box to receive terrestrial programmes.

I don't want to use a satellite box I have a freeview box. I want to know if an existing dish for sky can be use with the freeview box.Can I use a cable splitter and run one end to the sky box the the other to a freeview box and get the freeview channels.

You cannot use a Freeview receiver with a satellite dish, only an aerial.

You also cannot split a satellite signal from a dish, if you want to run more than one box you must use a dual- or quad-LNB on the satellite dish and have a cable to each satellite receiver.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017
David D
2:19 PM


Many thanks for the info and your thoughts. From the Freeview website our reception seems fine.

Regarding putting an aerial up can it run off the existing satellite cables, or does a new cable need to be run to the TV's ? If so is this normally straightforward or likely to be expensive ? (included in your 150 estimate ?).
Again, many thanks

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David D's 2 posts GB flag
Saturday, 2 December 2017
mark tewart
7:26 PM

I am trying to connect both a freeview box and sky to a telly to have the best of both. I want to tune both in to separate channels. Can it be done?

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mark tewart's 1 post GB flag

10:28 PM

mark tewart: A Sky box is just that - a box. Its totally seperate from the TV as far as tuning, etc - its simply a source. You can run a Tv with a Virgin, Sky, BT and Freesat box, plus the internal tuner, plus internet all at the same time if you want.

The same goes for the Freeview box - again, its just a source, and since they are entirely different systems, that use different means of receiving (aerial vs dish), you can put both into a TV. Yes, you can only watch one source at a time, but there is no reason you cannot record on one and watch another.

I would suggest that you use the best connection you can to each one. If both have HDMI's, use them. If both only have scarts, then you will have to use them, but always use the best connection (HDMI better than scart). Get them set up, and then switch between each one via the 'source' button on the remote. Put the box you will use most as HDMI 1, etc, because thats the one that the TV will find first, and possibly will automatically go to it if the box is powered up.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Sunday, 26 August 2018
Bret Richards
4:07 PM

Can a set top box be connected to s Sky Dish to watch (and record) Fresat programmes after I cancel Sky TV

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Bret Richards's 1 post GB flag
Monday, 27 August 2018

10:39 AM

Bret Richards:

Yes, providing that the Sky box being retired is not a Sky Q type. That uses a different LNB design that is incompatible with any conventional satellite receivers. So if your's is an 'ordinary' Sky box then you should be fine and no adjustments will be needed.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Monday, 22 April 2019
10:42 PM

My son has moved in to a new rented house he has a tv aerial with a mast head amp on and in the attic a 12 volt power unit then a tv amp leading to end of lines in the house it did have alimuion co ex I have changed that over to copper co ex and tried changing the amps over but nothing's any better off this is what's going on we tune the tvs in and all seems ok it shows anywhere from 40/70 percent on signal strength but moves up and down you can watch tv for half a day then you get no signal plus when you try returning you get nothing checked all connections all good any body have any idea post code is this if helps Cw121az if I needed a new aerial what and which sort would be best for his area thanks pete

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Pete's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 23 April 2019

9:05 AM

Pete: The post code you have given does not register with the |Digital UK Coverage Checker. Perhaps it's a new code for a new build area and they may not have caught up with it yet. Perhaps you could find a post code for a local shop?

Coax cables should always be copper cored, the aluminium versions are poor to useless. You should always use new coaxial plugs on the cable ends and try not using any amplifier as they are often not needed unless you are a lon g way from a transmitter - but there are over 1,100 of them around the country.

Once we know what your nearby transmitter is then we could advise which channels you should tune your TV to.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
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