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Upcoming Freeview transmitter changes 2017 to 2019

Listed below are all the UK’s main Freeview transmitters. For each one is a list of the channel frequency numbers, and below them the latest expected date of changes, and the various changes:
  • The number represents the multiplex (1 is PSB1, 4 is COM4 and so forth).
  • A filled-in square ∎ is where no change is planned;
  • A box with a tick ☑ is the new multiplex allocation, but I’m not sure which one;
  • A arrow pointing away from the number (like ←2) is a multiplex moving away from the frequency, and the arrow pointing at the number (→7 for example) is the new frequency allocation.
  • “tbc” mean I don’t have the final new allocations.
  • Where the changes will change the aerial group, this is shown with a “before” and “after”. If the before group was “wideband” this data isn’t shown as it is unhelpful.
  • The actual dates of the com7 and com8 changes to (single frequency networks) on C55 and C56 are unknown.

by Jun 2019?2?5?1?4?3?6tbc
by Dec 20187→8→←6←2←4→7→8←3←5←1tbc
Beacon Hill3334404142444547515355565760beforeafter
by Mar 20197→8→∎4∎5←6←2→7→8←3←1WidebandE
by Dec 2019∎1∎2∎3∎47→8→←5→7→8←6
by Dec 2019←3←1←27→8→∎6∎4∎5→7→8KWideband
Black Hill32354041434446475556beforeafter
by Sep 20187→8→∎3∎4∎2∎5∎1∎6→7→8KE
by Dec 2018∎3∎5∎2∎4∎1∎6
Bluebell Hill32343940434546545556
by Sep 2018☑.☑.←5∎3∎2∎4∎1←6→7→8
by Sep 2017?6?3?5?2?4?1tbc
Brierley Hill505355575960
by Mar 2018←4←3←6←2←5←1tbc
Bristol Ilchester Crescent394142444547
by Mar 2018?6?1?4?2?5?3tbc
Bristol Kings Weston404346535760
by Mar 2018?2?1?3←4←5←6tbc
by Jun 2018?2?1?3?4?5?6tbc
Brougher Mountain21222425272829303137
by Sep 2019∎4←2∎5←3∎6←1∎M
by Dec 2019∎C←4←C∎1←5←C∎2←6←37→8→→7→8A KWideband
Caradon Hill21222425272831375556beforeafter
by Jun 2019∎4∎3∎5∎2∎6∎17→8→→7→8A KWideband
by Dec 2019←6←2←4←3←5←1C/D EK
by Dec 2019?3?4?2?5?1?6tbc
by Dec 2019?2?1?3?6?4?5tbc
by Dec 2018?3?2?17→8→?6?4?5→7→8tbc
Crystal Palace22232526283033355556beforeafter
by Mar 2018∎5∎1∎4∎2∎6∎37→8→→7→8A KWideband
by Sep 2018←1←4←2←5←3∎6☑.☑.→7→8A KWideband
by Sep 2019∎2∎4∎3∎5∎1←67→8→→7→8A KWideband
by Mar 2018∎6←1←2←3←4←5C/D EK
by Sep 2018?3?4?2?5?1?67→8→→7→8tbc
by Sep 2017?5?2?4?1?6?3tbc
Emley Moor323334364144474851525556
by Dec 20197→8→∎3∎2∎1∎6←4←5→7→8
by Dec 2019?3?5?2?4?1?67→8→→7→8tbc
by Mar 2018?3?5?1?4?2?67→8→→7→8tbc
by Dec 2018?1?3?4?2tbc
by Mar 2018?3?1?2?4←6←5tbc
by Jun 20187→8→∎3←4∎2←5∎1←6→7→8KE
by Dec 2018?3?4?1?5?2?6tbc
by Sep 2018∎6←4∎5∎3←2←1B EB E K
Hemel Hempstead414447505559
by Mar 2018?2?1?3←4←6←5tbc
Huntshaw Cross303132343537485052555659beforeafter
by Jun 2019←4←1←5←3←6←2C/D EA K
by Dec 2019?2?1?3?6?4?5tbc
Keelylang Hill394042434546
by Sep 2017?6?3?4?2?5?1tbc
by Dec 2019←1←5←3←4←2←6tbc
Kilvey Hill222325262829
by Jun 2019?5?1?4?2?6?3tbc
by Sep 2017?2?1?3←4←5←6tbc
by Mar 2018?3?6?2?4?1?5tbc
Lark Stoke232630414447
by Jun 2018?2?1?3?4?5?6tbc
by Sep 2019←6←1←4←3←5←2C/D EB E K
by Dec 2018∎6∎4∎5←3←1←2EB E K
by Mar 2018←4←1←6←2←5←3tbc
by Mar 2018☑.☑.∎4←1←6←2→7→8←3
by Mar 2018←6←4←1←2←3←5C/D EK
by Mar 20197→8→∎2∎3∎1∎6←4←5→7→8
by Mar 2018?3?2?1?6←4←5tbc
Olivers Mount293132343537495354575860beforeafter
by Dec 2019←6←3←4←1←5←2C/D EA K
by Mar 2018☑.☑.←4←1→7→8←3←5←2
Pendle Forest212224252728
by Mar 2018?5?3?6?2?4?1tbc
by Jun 2019?4?5←2←1←6←3tbc
Pontop Pike293133343739424549505455565859
by Dec 20197→8→←3←4←2→7→8←1←5
by Jun 2019?5?1?4?2?6?3tbc
by Dec 2018∎6∎3∎4∎1∎5∎2
by Jun 2019∎2∎1∎3∎4←6←5B EK
by Mar 2018?4?5?6←3←2←1tbc
Ridge Hill2122242527282932345556beforeafter
by Mar 2018∎4∎3∎5∎2∎6∎1←W7→8→→7→8A KWideband
by Sep 2017?2?6?3?4?1?5tbc
by Dec 2018←1←4←3←5←2←6C/D EK
by Mar 2018∎3∎5∎1∎4∎2∎67→8→→7→8A KWideband
Rumster Forest212427305559
by Dec 2017?3?2?1?4←6←5tbc
by Mar 2018?2?3?1?6←4←5tbc
by Mar 2018←4←3←6←1←5←2tbc
Sandy Heath212427323334364851525556
by Jun 2018∎3∎2∎17→8→∎6←4←5→7→8
by Mar 2017←1←5←3←4←2←6C/D EK
by Dec 2019?3?2?17→8→?6?4?5→7→8tbc
Stockland Hill222325262829
by Mar 2019∎5∎2∎4∎1∎6∎3
by Mar 2018?3?4?2?5?1?6←A←A←Atbc
by Mar 2018∎2∎1∎3←6←4←5EK
Sutton Coldfield33353940424345465556beforeafter
by Mar 20187→8→∎6∎3∎4∎1∎5∎2→7→8KE
by Mar 20187→8→∎6∎4∎5←3→7→8←2WidebandE
The Wrekin232630414447
by Mar 2018∎2∎1∎3∎4∎5∎6
by Dec 2017∎3∎4∎2∎5∎1←6
Tunbridge Wells414244474952
by Jun 2018?6?4?5?3←2←1tbc
by Mar 2018∎4☑.☑.←1←2→7→8←6←3
by Jun 20197→8→∎6∎1∎4∎2∎5∎3→7→8KE
Whitehawk Hill3233343536485153565760beforeafter
by Dec 2018∎6←3←2←5←4←1C/D EK
Winter Hill2931323435374950545556575859
by Mar 2018☑.☑.←5←1←3→7→8←M←4←2

UK Freeview channels per multiplex overview


Monday, 18 September 2017
10:45 AM

Bec: Please provide a full postcode so we can access the coverage prediction for your location. Have you checked for any loose or damaged cables or connections behind your TV?

link to this
StevensOnln1's 919 posts Gold Gold GB
2:38 PM

Bec: I'm about 2 miles away from you, so I can tell you that your likely tuned into one of two transmitters - Waltham or Sandy Heath. You can put your postcode into this site, or just go to digital Uk's website and do it, and it will bring up the compass bearing your aerial should be on.
If it is on about 300 degrees, then its Waltham, and 177, its Sandy heath. If your local BBC news is East Midlands, its Waltham, and if its Anglia, its Sandy heath. If its Yorkshire, you've accidently tuned into Belmont, which you dont want.

As for the rest - follow steve's advice, because a dodgy cable is the most likely problem.

link to this
MikeB's 2,258 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Monday, 9 October 2017
5:42 PM

I've updated the database of dates for the above table to include the most recent changes to reflect the quarter-, rather than half-year that the changes will happen in.

link to this
Briantist's 38,772 posts Owner Owner GB
Friday, 13 October 2017
9:13 PM

Hi, I am at postcode CB23 and using Sandy Heath transmitter for my Freeview reception. Recently (last week or so) one TV in the house is experiencing poor quality on some channels (eg: 20-Drama, 23-Create&Craft). I've retuned but the problem persists, but it is intermittent - sometimes it is OK for a good period of time, and then it pixelates/breaks-up etc. The weird thing is that I've tried 3 different TVs (as an experiment) - simply swapping the aerial lead out of one into another - and the issue is only with one TV ! All the other TVs don't suffer the issue. This seems weird to me - does anyone have any thoughts/explanation/advice ?

link to this
Roy's 4 posts GB
9:42 PM

Different TV's have different tuners, and one might be more sensitive/less sensitive than the others. But you need to check the signal level on that mux on that outlet - you've decribed symptoms, not hard data.

Poor quality might be too high a signal, or too low - until you have a reading, you wont know what the problem is. And we couldn't tell you what your level should be from the fragment of postcode you gave (its a large area, and I cant be bothered to guess) - but put your full postcode into the site and it will bring up lots of links.

link to this
MikeB's 2,258 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Sunday, 15 October 2017
6:40 PM Cambridge

Hi MikeB - thanks for replying.
Yes, I provided symptoms, as I was trying to establish whether the symptoms were unusual ie: that 3 different brand TVs that were alternately plugged into the same aerial should behave differently.
However, to provide the hard data:
-the postcode is CB23 7XQ (plugging this into the site brings up zero results)
-the TV in question (Sharp) shows a signal level on 42% on the mux that serves these problematic channels when exclusively plugged into this aerial
-another TV (eMotion) shows a signal level of 98% on the mux that serves these channels (when exclusively plugged into this aerial)
-another TV (Grundig) shows a signal level of 98% on the mux that serves these channels (when exclusively plugged into this aerial)
I understand the logic of what you say about "sensitivities" - however (to me) one TV showing a signal level of less than half that displayed by other TVs seems so vastly different - but maybe those with far greater experience of these matters than me would disagree ?
Thanks for any further advice/guidance that you can offer.

link to this
Roy's 4 posts GB
Roy's: Freeview map terrain plot frequency data R&TI Service digitaluk trade DAB coverage
11:30 PM

98% signal strength is far too high, so its likely the signal is breaking up. A Sharp wouldn't be that unsensitve a tuner, so something is wrong.

Your postcode brings up loads of data, just look at the links below your reply - and your 20km from Sandy heath - which might explain the very high readings. But check which transmitter the Sharp is tuned into - if its Talcneston (using the reverse of the aerial) or Waltham, then that might explain the problem - they are much further away, etc.

For too high a signal, search for 'too much of a good thing'.

link to this
MikeB's 2,258 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
8:06 PM

Hi MikeB - thanks for your further response, and thanks for the links which contain some very
interesting and useful info.

I should preface my next comment by saying that it is not made from any position of technical
knowledge in this area, but solely from the position of our on-the-ground experience.

Our other TVs - (when plugged into this aerial for testing, and also in their normal location and
aerial) consistently report a signal level of 98% - and they do not ever exhibit any signal break-up -
they just provide faultless TV reception. So, whilst 98% signal strength may be deemed too high, it
does not cause any issue for us.

However, using the Sharp TV on this aerial only reports a signal strength in the 40%-49% range, and exhibits the picture break-up outlined. I've checked and confirmed that the TV is tuned into Sandy Heath.

On the plus-side, the manufacturer's agent have agreed to collect/investigate/repair the TV (which is
still under warranty), as they feel that the TV itself must have a fault.

I'll update the outcome, once I get the TV back, in case it is of interest to others.

Best regards,


link to this
Roy's 4 posts GB
10:00 PM

Roy - what do you mean by 'signal level'? Do you mean strength (in which case 98% is way too high) or quality (in which case, 98% is pretty much perfect)?

As for the Sharp, try it in another socket or even house. If it is at fault, then my advice is to get your money back, and not to buy Sharp ever again. I've never recommended Sharp in almost a decade of selling TV's - stick to the main 4 brands (LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony), and you'll generally get a decent product, even if it costs a little more.

link to this
MikeB's 2,258 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Thursday, 19 October 2017
11:18 AM

Hi Mike,

Yes, the Percentages that I've reported are signal "Strength" (not quality) and whilst I acknowledge
your comment about 98% being way too high, I can only say that from our viewing experience it
doesn't present us with any problems.

The signal strength of 49% displayed by the Sharp, however, does present us with the outlined issues.
I can only fully concur with your comment about brands of TV. Ironically, for virtually all of my life,
I have been a fan of and almost exclusively bought Panasonic, and never been disappointed. We saw
the Sharp TV on offer and we were thinking of a putting a TV in our conservatory (so not for
primary or main use) and it "seemed like a good idea". I should've stuck with my principles and
remembered the addage of "buy cheap, buy twice" :-(

The Sharp TV has been collected now, so we'll see what transpires, and I'll report back.

Best regards,


link to this
Roy's 4 posts GB
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