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Last night appears my top up box has one it again.
Tuned itself to Allesley Park, lol, thought wow signal good, not one break up, then checking, yup, channels have changed again.

Not sure if faulty, but I'm keeping it anyway, but it is strange and likely that could be what is happening to others, hence they put things in, wake up next day and put it on and channels have gone, or changed etc.

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No Dutchman, not that, honest, I'm happy with it anyway, reads 100 over 100%, but no playing up.
Rest can be 70% over 100%, even had 95% signal strength today on channel 39.

In trying the radio and then options on five live sport extra text, it crashed the box, think this is the second time this has happened, and had to turn it off.

This is the trouble with today's darn software driven things, compared to years back.
Fine, like computers when it works, bit instance, surely back in the day can not give a valve a virus, lol, or chips itself, but those carrying memory and software can mess up.

This box T215 fro Argos, Top Up TV one, was for sure the last time, auto rerun, because won't let you manual tune, but I did it with aerial connection out.

Once I'd gotten one of the Sutton Coldfield's channel in, I did the retune manually.
All was well for once, but after couple days once again I noticed when box was on, no playing up on BBC or Channel 5 like channels, checking, sure enough, the box had retuned itself some how, on it's own, lol, to Allesley Park, channels 22 and 25, and took out the Sutton Coldfield ones.

Talk about intelligent, lol, but GRRR, did not want that.
Okay, Sutton's would be 95% one minutes, then drop to say 45% signal strength and mess about a bit.

I did also as someone suggested, ran the whole thing automatic, with no aerial connection in, and then did again as above.

This box refuses to do as it was told, and I suspect, this could be what is happening with others, judging by what I have read.

Hence many complaining channels they had put in, next day vanish, or have different channels in to the ones they had.

These boxes should not be doing this, but clearly, cleverly, have minds of their own, and they decide which is the closet and best signal and retune themselves to it, lol, gosh, who needs humans.

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Thanks Ian.
Yes I had considered, well looking at online and sadly Maplins not have them as such, but a band filter, or another masthead amp but grouped.

I'm 17.4 miles direct from Sutton, but have massive hill in the way, hence why many a moon ago, after moans, they put in Allesley Park.

Anyway, log periodic and not the one supposed to be, and box was open, when bought from Maplins, better one really, 22 element, can not find online, all 16 or 18 or 28 30 and 40, or was it 26, not 38 elements, anyway, so yeah, mine unusual.

Found the so called 25db gain amplifier, again not the 16db find in Argos and normal Maplins version, was not as good as an old screened, think maxview one, but 23db gain one.

Now right at the top of the loft, normally, not recommended, as roof should affect it and pointing upwards by a fair bit as well.

Trouble I'm having, every now and then, thought was interference, I reckon now, is due to signal strength, as I've noticed, nearly all channels 90% of the time remain on 100% quality.
But sometimes, the SS drops to 45% amber, or yellow, and seen other day very bad 30% and red.

So I'm wondering, anything passing in the way at the top of the hill, is it coming in different, or, who knows.

I have decided, can live with it, miles better than years ago on Waltham and least the wind does not affect it.

I thought I'd gotten too much signal and so on you see, with 80 over 95%, but as I said, some channels are, dropping off at times, badly, then comes right back up again.

On average might get pixels and mess up say, oh, when did that test on sky sports 1, golf, over 2 hours, about 7 or 8 times.

Just that cause I've been used to Satellite since 2003, which hardly ever get any probs, it can be just annoying, but nothing major.
Okay on sport, annoying on something like Big Brother or film, cause might miss odd words or something of what they are saying.

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Jack my sincere sympathies, I think the problem, obviously lie in the whole Digital thing itself, better for those that had some ghosting and a bit of grainy Analogue, but no doubt, over the many, many years, they obviously got used to that.

Bad weather, whatever, lines, and grainy and ghosting, but normally, what, there, watchable.

With Digital, not so, there or not, or there, but glitch, glitch, pixels, and sound drop off, GRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Get my point.

Massive flaw also, was those who wanted it from day one, but not close enough to these transmitters where they live.

So they paid guys, or did themselves with what:

Hi gain Aerial.
Low lose satellite cable.
Masthead Ampilifer or booster.

GREAT, yippee, odd glitch now and then, usual thing, interference, nothing major, gotten used to it.

You now lulled into thinking, actually come switchover, it will get better.

Switchover happens.

Where's my darn channels gone, why is this playing up now, was fine before switchover, gotten worse, GRRRR.

Now power has gone from lousy 8,000 kws to 200,000 kws, and you are 15 miles away with your hi gain aerial and 16 db or more amp, oops, too much signal strength, making you think weak, cause breaking up.

As far as I know Jack, it was that one day as I understood, switched and that's it, not carrying on work for weeks, that I'm aware of.

People now need to remover the amplifier.

I can't, on roof, I did not install it, scared, not going up there, GRRRRR.

Calm down, pop down to Maplins and buy an antenuator now.

Oh great, so gonna cost me more money still now and what if that does not cure it.

TOTAL mess.

If you know what you are doing and learned all about it, can be sort of good fun, if into points and percentages like me.
But even after a while, can get fed up and annoyed, fiddling to try and get the best reception toy can.

I'd love to know officially how much complaints, calls, places like Digital group, whatever they called, not remember off top of my head and BBC and so on have had.

Also, worryingly, will be the con-coyboys who will make up stories and charge loads, laughing.
All needs to be done is the Amplifier removed and call out charged, but no doubt be duping people into another aerial and goodness only knows what.

It all rather then seems a total disgrace and farce, but then, did the British ever do anything right first time?
Look at the DAB mess and yes sadly I do have one, too many channels, we need better quality and less channels.

Freeviews needs to lose the +1 channels and up the mb's for other channels, or add some better decent channels, and so does DAB radio.

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Forgive first, without re-reading everything again, so forgive if forgot, and been told this, I assume you tried without the booster etc.
Was it fine before the switchover.

If fine before switchover, likely now, may not need the booster and can manage the two Tv's, or maybe only needs some of it, meaning if it boosted say 10db, needs only 5db now etc.
Try attenuator, or, least, say, err, try another connection in line, so means you lose odd db, if that fails, not sure what else to suggest, because if you are on Sutton and all was fine before, hang on, re-check then above, if you made postings before that one.

You say you have lost all the channels, suggests then you had it before, not suddenly new to all this etc.
If had them before switchover and struggling now, still would suggest to me, too much power now, overload etc, but weird, given you feeding two tv's, but like I say, maybe need less again, but still some.
Keep messing, experimenting, cause last thing I HATE to see is you forking out more, or worse still, calling someone out, costing more still.

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Yes, same here, but assumed was cause in loft and behind the big hill in Allesley Park, hmm, weird.
I did testing, aerial only and was two joins in it, f connector sorts, so assumed maybe 1 db loss for each and so aerial then would be about 4 to 5 db gain only.
Best I got was around 30% to 35% on signal strength, red, even though using old black and white portable tv, can tell.
Next I tried, or maybe before that actually, anyway, tried a 13 db amp, so down 10 db gain on what I was using.
At first was 70% instead of 80%, but then id go up to 80%.

Weird, shows how strong and robust it is, or so you might think, tests carried out on channel 39.
One more in the 40's is okay, the other one not.

I am getting interference from stuff turned on and off as well etc.

I do not understand it though, assumed was hill, cause can be sitting there and if it plays up more than just a quick glitch, pixels going for a split second, I check the signals.

I see still 100% mostly on the quality.
However the signal strength has now dropped to 30% red, then might mess about, up and down, as if some van going up hill inbetween signal, lol, or grrrr, as case may be.
Then back up again and even 95% now, go figure.

So conclusion:
See, I assumed, only me would be affected by this, so hard for me to help.
Unless, unless you are also in similar boat, meaning aerial in loft and obstacles in the ways etc.
But it is weird as to why, unless badly affected by weather and guess satellite not matter at what symbol rate 2/3 or 3/4 or 5/6, but seems in this mode, terrestrial, it does, meaning though less channels, perhaps 16 Qam, was better, now got 64 Qam, not so.

Otherwise I'm baffled as to what is going on with some of you, as to why, like me, but I have in loft and hill, if you don't, are having signals falling away, similar to myself and then coming back again etc.

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Hi Jack, yes it was me, loft and hill in way.

Does not sound like over load then, if only doubling power percentage on box and without only 25%.

Yet you claim had okay before switchover, interesting.

Yes Chris, mentioned it many times myself, the mess digital has caused with the overloads and no doubt many a cowboy con aerial fixer out there has taken advantage, before and after digital switchover.

Makes me wonder about your aerial now Jack, how old, cable used and what percentages were before switch over, are you for 100% sure on sutton's muxes only and any weather, winds and rain, may have affected and gotten into aerial.
How big it is, might have moved, depends on installer, if professional enough job.
Have any way using, trying one in the loft on the amp, or another amp, do have another aerial, experimenting.
Any neighbours, can have a word with, pick their brains, they having trouble, was it okay before, what signal they getting.
So on.
Other than that, not sure what to suggest.

I don't mind, but we don't know each other, meaning might not like it, lol, but love tinkering, so unless I came around, saw it and tried things out, have 2 or 3 aerials, one a wide band like 18 element yagi, normal type on most houses.

Remember I'm 17.4 miles from Sutton Transmitter and found on log periodic, 22 element, rated at 7.5 db gain, with cable and two joins in got 35% tops, with 13db gain amp, about 70 to 80% signal strength, in loft, massive hill in way etc.

So massively robust, I'd say, meaning if I can pick up outside Waltham 42 miles away, if I lived, line of sight, not in a dip, reckon with same 13 db amp, could be some 30 to 40 miles from Sutton, and get it easily.

But, as you have said, not overload, maybe cable or aerial, most strange, any way checking connections etc, trying different leads into box, whatever.

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Okay, how badly, and deadly serious are you Jack, meaning wanting it sorted etc, no promises.
Cause I can open another email at hushmail and you can contact me and we can get in touch, I have a car and obviously a few things, box and amps and what not and attenuator and so on, also a signal strength meter, not much good to me, cost like 15 pounds, etc.
Lastly I apologize, I seriously missed this:

I'm using a 64 element wideband aerial with a 21dB mains amp

Now think, I'm 17.4 miles from Sutton, log periodic 22 element, max gain is 7.5 db, amp on it, is now only 13 db gain and I get 80 over 100% on channel 38.

You are how far from Sutton and using what, WOW I'm using a 64 element wideband aerial with a 21dB mains amp

Despite what you said and tried and not saying you telling lies, no way, but that seems, huge.
But then you claim, no difference in power since change over, weird, something major, wrong, well you know that.
Let me know, I'm in Coventry, so no worries and yes, likely do it for nothing, lol, kinda guy I am, make me a cuppa, no, kidding, goes in one end and out the other.

If I came round and could help, pay my petrol money is all, if I came around and could not get it, you owe me nothing, win win for you then, lol.

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Okay, Jack, you said you removed the amp, assume we on about a masthead one, need cable straight from aerial to box or tv then.
Or need a join, assume you know this.

I'm still convinced and think, not 100% sure, that if well over loaded, it goes backwards, so one thinks, look at it, 30%, used to get 80%, gotten worse, need more power, but no, you don't.

I remain convinced, all else being well, cable, connections and so on, you got all okay before, then you needed the 21 db gain amp, and 64 element aerial, as it was a pathetic 8,000 kws, now it is 200,000, so, oh gosh, hang on, increase in what, err 14db, going by the above on this page.

See I guessing your aerial like has, what, 13 to 14 db gain and 21 db gain amp, outside, no hills.
I have massive hill it goes through, passing Allesley Park one etc. in loft, only 7.5 dg gain aerial and 13 db gain amp, and so lets add them up:

You: lets say 13 db then and 21 34 db gain then. No hills, not sure of your distance, but if less than 20 miles, no worries, easy.

Me: 7.5 db max and 13 db - 20.5 db, massive hill in way, in loft, at top, pointing upwards, mostly, 80% Signal strength over 100% quality.

34 db, nothing
20.5 db and hill and loft.

You at a guess need now, just the aerial itself, or, I'd say, 10db amp only with it, maybe then attenuator of about 6db, should be spot on, that fails, scrap it, go freesat, amen, :).

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To Jack.

Hate to say it, I agree with what jb38.


You said it yourself, used to get analogue tv on what, a coathanger.

The problem was what, 1 million kwats as opposed to the awful 8,000, didn't ondigital start at 4,000 even on sutton, forget now, as certainly 4 and 5,000 on Waltham.

Anyway, massive difference, even given that they claim it can be the same with 7db less.

Whoever then installed your system was asking for trouble later.

This is why I said it has been a huge disaster and I'm sure one that is much worse surely then we are hearing about.

Surprised not on watchdog or something, not that I watch it hardly ever, so....

I worry equipment is not messed up, damaged, or something happening.

I would still say experiment, loft aerial.

I keep reminding you Jack, and hence the reason for Allesley Park Transmitter, cause my mom claims back in the day, kicked up a fuss, because not get analogue from Sutton, bad ghosting, because of the hill, right in a dip, why years ago, went 42 plus miles to Waltham, glitch, glitch, lol.

You have told me, no hills, nothing, 15 miles likely away.

I have log periodic, 22 elements, only meant for strong, medium areas, because of the hill, i'd class me as weak to poor.

I'm 17.4 miles, so bit further still than you.

I can use a 13 db amp, in the loft and get what 80% over 100%.

You are 15 miles, massive x type high gain aerial, LOL, laughable now, cause that alone should be connected to the box, no boosters, no amps.
Gosh, I'd say it could likely feed more than one set up, :).

As confirmed by jb38, because one gets too much signal, it goes backwards, awful, because the unwary, now believe they have a worse set up, not getting enough signal, weak, breaking up, bad.

You said yourself, fine before, FINE before switchover, not perfect, but fine.

Went from 8,000, pathetic, to massive 200,000 kws, equal to the 1 million analogue, which you said what, and I quote:

''We used to get a great analogue picture with a bent coathanger stuffed in the back of a TV - now we cant get a reliable picture at all.''

I'd even test it with aerial to box, no amps and 6 db attenuator, or another connection in line.

HOWEVER, having said all that, pure speculation, maybe wrong word, in the sense that you know your setup.

We do not, not seen the cable, connections, facing aerial, what sort it is like and so on.
So can be really hard to say.

If you do not want cheaper way to get sky sports and top up tv, go with Sky, freesat that is.
Virgin do my heads in, sick of them bugging me, and not sure how true it is, was said, read that, you know, pry into things, can not be trusted, still if have nothing to hide.
Like Top UP TV, woman suddenly asks what sports I like, Golf I said, should have said all sorts.
I hope now, not later bugged my more phone calls about whatever, to do with golf etc.

We have to be careful, desperate depression times, not recession, that's a con also, they get worse and will push us into things for more money.
Anyway, wish you all the best. :).

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