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Why is Arqiva B "subject to a reactive power restriction of 5kW" "until further notice" ? Is it because being on C48 it is co-channel with one of the Divis multiplexes? Does anyone know when ArqB will be put up to 10KW?
Cheers, Alistair G.

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Moel-Y-Parc (Flintshire, Wales) Full Freeview transmitter
Wednesday 21 September 2011 8:11PM
St. Helens

Well the power didn't go up on SDN (CH51) and Arqiva A (CH52) overnight (I last checked at 10AM this morning).

I was expecting it to, after Sutton Coldfield had it's analog switched off overnight, and where the digital at Sutton Coldfield which was MUX B (CH51) and MUX C (CH52) had these frequencies changed so that CH52 and CH52 are now no longer co-channel with Moel Y Parc's SDN and ArqA as it was on the same frequencies.

It says above that SDN and ArqA are both on 2.5KW instead of 10KW until September 2011, and there's only a few days of September left! Does anyone know the date that the power on SDN / ArqA goes up to 10KW?

I can get all of the non-HD channels using a Pioneer DVR-LX60D or my 545HX only because of the extremely sensitive tuner. I am on an indoors aerial and am in Moss Bank, St.Helens! Winter Hill isn't an option as I am on the other side of our hill from it, and the Moss Bank transmitter only has half a Freeview on it. I don't want to spend money on a roof aerial just now (we must be the only house in England still with a VHF black and white 405 line TV aerial and even that's destructed itself by now). Sometimes I don't receive SDN and ArqA but not often. Was hoping the power would go up on them and cure this. Just need to know the date when it happens.

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Well well, I'm a happy bunny. The signal is now much higher on SDN (CH51) and ArqA (CH52), so they must have put the power up sometime between 10 AM and 9PM when I just checked.

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@Chris, yes, BBC and CH4 will all be in English from Moel-Y-Parc, I know since I watch them from that transmitter. I get BBC1 Wales News though and ITV Wales News, instead of North West Tonight and Granada like I wanted. But I am on the wrong side of Moss Bank hill to receive the main Winter Hill transmitter in St.Helens where I live, so Moel-Y-Parc will have to do.
Alistair G.

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