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I live in Lewes, East Sussex (postcode BN7 2RZ). My Freeview box is able to receive signals from both the Lewes and Newhaven relay transmitters. However the reception from the Lewes transmitter is poor. My box automatically tuned to Lewes but the picture kept breaking up and the Signal Status menu showed signal strength to be low. I used manual retuning to tune to the Newhaven transmitter instead. The picture quality and signal strength are better.

Now I have a different problem. One multiplex, the one containing all the HD channels and Film4+1, does not seem to be transmitting the EPG and the Now/Next information that allows Accurate Recording to work. When my Freeview box is tuned to any of the channels in the HD multiplex, I do not get any updates to the EPG. If I leave it tuned to such a channel for a few days, all but the next couple of days of the EPG end up being empty. If I change channel to another multiplex, then the EPG gets repopulated gradually. If I try to record a program on a channel in the HD multiplex, using Accurate Recording, the program is not recorded at all, unless I am simultaneously watching a program on one of the other multiplexes (my box has two tuners). In order to record a program on the HD multiplex, I have to set the box to record at the scheduled time instead of using Accurate Recording. This means if the program overruns I lose the end. It appears as if the box is receiving the EPG and Now/Next information on two of the three multiplexes, but not on the one containing the HD channels.

Is it possible that the Newhaven transmitter is not sending the EPG and Now/Next information on the one multiplex? I received the EPG and Now/Next information on all multiplexes when the box was tuned to the Lewes transmitter.

Also, the channels in the HD multiplex have numbers starting at 800 instead of their normal channel numbers. This does not happen for the other multiplexes. It did not happen for any channels when I tuned to the Lewes transmitter. I thought this might be caused because I was receiving signals from two transmitters, but using manual tuning to tune in only the Newhaven transmitter made no difference. It appears to be caused by the EPG information not being available on the HD multiplex.

I have read that problems with the EPG can be caused by the box receiving signals from more than one transmitter. This was the case for me, but I have done everything I can think of to make sure it is only tuned to the Newhaven transmitter. Nothing helped. Here is what I have done. Is there anything else I can do?

1) Unplugged the Freeview box from the mains.
2) Unplugged the aerial from the Freeview box by disconnecting the cable from the RF in socket.
3) Waited 30 seconds.
4) Plugged the Freeview box back into the mains.
5) Turned on the Freeview box and did a Factory Reset, which resets all settings to factory defaults and removes all channels it was tuned to. At the end of the Factory Reset, it prompted to scan for channels, and I allowed it to do this without the aerial plugged in. This resulted in an empty channel list.
6) Reinserted the aerial cable to the RF in socket.
7) Did a manual retune, searching only the frequencies for the Newhaven transmitter. It found channels in 3 multiplexes, but the HD channels still had numbers starting at 800.

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Richard, thankyou for your suggestion. I tried retuning twice again but unfortunately it did not make any difference. I do not have any control over where the aerial points as I live in a block of flats with a communal aerial. It did look at it and it seems to be pointing towards Newhaven. That doesn't stop me also getting a weaker signal from the Lewes transmitter.

I would really like to know whether my problem with not getting the EPG on the HD multiplex, and getting 800 numbers for those channels is due to receiving transmissions from more than one transmitter, or is it something wrong with the Newhaven transmitter. Is there anyone out there who receives transmissions from Newhaven, and not from any other transmitter? Do you get the same problem or not?

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I had to retune my TV after the Freeview frequencies changed on 19th July 2018. Now it is getting all the channels on differenct frequenciews from before. This page still shows the old frequencies. What are the new frequencies for the Newhaven transmitter? I am not sure if my TV is now tuned to Newhaven or Lewes frequencies. It is getting poor reception now, which happened before because it was tuned to Lewes and should have been tuned to Newhaven.

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