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Having problems with TV background music?
Tuesday 15 January 2019 12:19AM

Blind viewers get a discount on their tv licence.. Why don't those who NEED subtitles get one since many channels still do not provide an adequate service. Whilst I accept that from their point, financially it is not viable. Equally I am not getting the same level of service that others who can hear do.
I'm tired of looking forward to watching a programme or film, only to find a) no subtitles b) subtitles stop mid way through and are never put back. C) becomes, or is, obviously way out of sync. Why if subtitles have been done for a programme or film, if it's repeated on another channel, does it now not have subtitles? Some channels never have any subtitles - horror is one to give an example. Others do for some programmes but not for others Quest Red is an example of that.
If only people knew how frustrating it is for us - maybe they should try 3 months of no sound to get an idea. When it was repeated, despite it being at an awkward time, I saw about 6 of the original Star Trek. It's slightly schizo watching a programme where your mind recognises the images - yet at the same time you find out all the interactions between the characters. One man in a red uniform I'd felt sorry for (as they always died ) turned out to be a baddie - something I'd not realised without subtitles.
It's now on horror channel at a time I could watch - but - no subtitles - yet they've been done for this series so what's the excuse? It won't cost to produce as it's already been done!
Please, can't all programmes and films, that have had subtitles done - get them automatically if shown again? You wouldn't show the film without the sound or the sound without the film so why the problem with providing my sound of subtitles especially if it has already had them before?
It was implied that digital tv meant those needing subtitles would get them with the new service to entice us to purchase. But after all this time - there still seems minimal interest or care for the one in seven who would find this invaluable.

Those who can hear, please try 3 months in silent mode watching shows, programmes, and films. You might start to realise I've been very patient before grumbling here!

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