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Arial is Block Communal Dish - STB Tevion 7017 - Not sure if aimed Crystal Palace or Bluebell Hill

Lost BBC1/2/3 at 1.30am
I did First Installation Retune - no BBC1/2/3
2nd First Instal Retune - same result-worried
Then did normal Channel Search - All now back
Panic over !!!

Advised Adult Son in TV den upstairs he should Retune - He did Channel Search not First Instal - All his back with only Channel Search - Lucky dog - Some mothers dont alf av em !!

Just thought I would add my two pennith !!

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My aerial is a new Council Communal Dish type

2.15am : I am still missing lots of channels including ITV 3 Yesterday Five* five USA Quest Ideal World etc. Signal strength is still only 55%

My Signal strength on BBC1/2/3/News went up to 55% the rest stayed at usual 43/47% after the 4th - last few days the rest went up to 55% and were still that before switch off this morning.

Perhaps someone could wake up the chap that switches on the rest of the Channels and the chap that turns the Signal Volume up.

There appears to be a bad spot on the Map between the last d in Dartford and the G of Gravesend - I hope I am not in that spot.

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3.0am All present and correct now hereabouts plus 2 new additions to be born later - Signal still 55%

Thanks whoever took the cup of tea to the Engineers to wake them up - must have missed the Signal Volume chappie.

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Although in Kent I can only get London from CP on Freeview, whereas a friend 100yds further down London Rd gets London on the Front room freeview and South East on the back room both with her roof arial.

My Community new Digital Dish arial is fitted at equivilant to gutter height on a house but is 1/2 way up the Block height. When it was fitted 2010, apparently if Tenants wanted Sky they could have Sky and pay tuned to this same arial.

I have just noticed on my Orange PAYG Mobile that EE is now showing so in my area already but dont use it.

My Question is should some of the occasional No Signal and pixel bands be due to 4G and have I got worse to come.

At present since Switchover Quality is shown as 100% but Signal has is constantly jumping from 80% and settles to 61% then on channel change goes back upto 80% then back to a usual 61%, or is this Digi. Box about to turn up its toes.

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Thanks jb38 I thought that may be the reason although I didnt know if Bluebell was still operating.

Yes it is a 2010 fitted Communal dish aerial and total rewiring to each flat and as mentioned in my 2nd paragraph is fitted on the side of Block 1/2 way up which is approx gutter height on a normal house. I know of a couple of Tenants who wanted Sky and the Aerial Contractor could supply and tune to this aerial instead of fixing individual dishes which are not allowed. The blocks would look like millipeds if seperate sky were fitted.

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Thanks KMJ I thought EE(Orange) had bought into the New 4G tipical con.

I dont somehow think the Council would think that far ahead, just get the Switchover rewiring job done as cheap as possible and tackle any problems when they hit. I guess it will be a case of wait and see.

Thanks guys for tempory peace of mind, I knew I would get the true picture on here.

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Does this mean that FM Broadcasting will be expired and only DAB available.

This will severely impact on Low Income and Pensioners who cannot afford to but these new Reception Devices which are far too expensive for most 'Ordinary People'

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