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Saturday 18 June 2011 2:24PM
Haywards Heath

S Arthurs

If your TV has a SCART socket, then it should work with all satellite receivers.
If it only has a UHF aerial socket, then it may only work with some satellite boxes.

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Michael Redmond :
TV with satellite tuners built in are quite rear and expensive.
I doubt that your portable TV has a satellite tuner built in to it.
So you will need a satellite receiver box.
As you are using this in a caravan, get one that works off a 12v battery as well as the mains.
Plug the LNB (Dish) cable into your satellite tuner and a SCART cable from the satellite tuner to your TV.
Most satellite tuner have a menu option to read the signal strength. Very useful when pointing the dish towards the satellite.
You must be more accurate pointing a dish towards the satellite than pointing a aerial at a transmitter.
To receive from 28.2E Astra 2 (The UK channels)
Astra 2 is 28.2° east. So the angle will be 20° (in Scotland) to 30° (in the south)

Astra 2 Satellite Dish Alignment


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GB flag
Sky3 to be renamed as Pick TV
Wednesday 22 June 2011 11:29AM
Haywards Heath

G. Harris:

DOG = D.O.G. = Digital On-screen Graphics.
It's the annoying channel logo they display over a program in the top left (or right) of the screen.
Some DOG's aren't too bad as they are semi transparent, but some like the CBBC one in colour and moving about are harder to miss.
I think the worst one is on MTV with a logo in the left and right corners and a bar to show you the percentage to the program.

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How can I get Channel 5 on Sky in Ireland? | Help! Outside the
Wednesday 22 June 2011 11:59AM
Haywards Heath

John Kerr:

Channel 5 HD is encrypted, so you can't view it with Freesat.
Hopefully one day it won't be encrypted, but then Sky would lose some more customers.

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How can I get Channel 5 on Sky in Ireland? | Help! Outside the
Wednesday 22 June 2011 12:08PM
Haywards Heath

John Kerr:

Channel 5 standard-definition channel is not encrypted, so you should be able to view that.

Frequency; 10773
Polarisation; Horizontal
Symbol rate (Mbaud); 22.0
FEC; 5/6

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Holiday 2011
Wednesday 22 June 2011 12:26PM
Haywards Heath


I won't say "I hope you are enjoying your holiday" as you are on holiday and away from your computer.
But when you get back I could say "I hope you enjoyed your holiday",
but that may make you angry as your holiday is now over. :o(

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Indoor aerials | Installing
Friday 24 June 2011 1:33PM
Haywards Heath

First just try it with an indoor aerial.
If your summerhouse has a window pointing towards the transmitter, put it there.
Your summerhouse may not be strong enough to support a big out door aerial, but a small waterproof one should be ok.
If your summerhouse is a long way from your house you will lose some of the signal down a long coaxial cable and will need an aerial amplifier.

Another option would be to use a satellite dish. I use one I got from Maplin that is meant to be used with a caravan.

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Sky Freesat - half price
Friday 24 June 2011 2:41PM
Haywards Heath

Channel 5 (Standard Deffination) stoped being encreypted in November 2008.
So you can view Channel 5 on any satelite box for free with out aqny card.

Channel 5 HD is encrypted and you can only view it with a Sky HD box and viewing card.
Sky last updated their cards in Sepember 2009 unless they are still upgrading their old cards.

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Sky Freesat - half price
Sunday 26 June 2011 11:15AM
Haywards Heath

Mike Dimmick:
Apart from the adverts, there is no difference unlike the BBC or ITV regions.
But as I try not to look at the adverts and only the programs, I stopped searching once I found one of the Channel 5 stations.
Some of Channel 5 sister channels are encrypted thou.
EG. 5*, 5*+1, 5USA and 5USA+1.

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