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Mike Dimmick:
Analogue service shutdown could be for 1 week,
but as normal digital service is 'no service until 2012'
I think they have looked up the wrong year.
I won't complain if Freeview starts this week. (Tung in cheek)

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Kim Lay:
Sudbury is a main transmitter that transmits Channel 5.
If you can't get Channel 5 analogue you are getting your TV from a relay.

Sudbury transmitter = horizontal polarization.
Sudbury relays = vertical polarization. (Bars on aerial go up and down)

ITV1 will start on the final stage when all analogue ends with relays.
Film4 will not be transmitted from the relays.

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On Freeview we lose the sides of the picture. What must we do t
Thursday 7 July 2011 5:29PM
Haywards Heath

I. McDougall:
Sounds like a problem with your TV.
When you turn it on it will heat up and any bad solder joint may break until after you turn it off and it cools down.
How old is it and is it a new flat screen TV or an old cathodeay tube screen.
Could be dust in the TV.
If it was a bad aerial or week signal it would go snowy as well as black and white.

A cathodeay tube can store high voltages even after the TV has been turned off. So get someone to look at it or get a new TV.

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On Freeview we lose the sides of the picture. What must we do t
Thursday 7 July 2011 6:12PM
Haywards Heath

I. McDougall:
If you have a separiate Freeview box and TV, then try swapping them with a friend, to see if it's the TV, Freeview box or the SCART cable.

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Michael: (25/06/2011)
What are you talking about.
Rupert Murdock said on Wogan in 1989 that Sky TV was free and would always be free.
Don't you believe what he says?

See BBC - Programmes - Adam Curtis, Terry Wogan interview with Rupert Murdoch 1989 (RH163LB)

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Thursday 14 July 2011 6:25PM
Haywards Heath

I was just watching Meridian Tonight on ITV Meridian and saw they are now showing a DOG in the bottom left corner.
Switched to ITV1 London and they also now have a DOG on London Tonight.

I guess they think that they we are too thick to no which channel we are on without the DOGs.
Can the ITV1 owners please tattoo on their forehead "I work for ITV", so we will know who they are.

How long until they show them on all programs?

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The television channels on iPlayer are BBC1/BBC1 HD, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, cBBC, Cbeebies, BBC News, BBC Palament, BBC Alba and BBC HD
See BBC iPlayer - iPlayer TV Home (RH163LB)

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Tuesday 19 July 2011 1:00PM
Haywards Heath

Sounds like it could be a problem with the SCART connection.
Have you tried connecting your Video or DVD recorder to the same SCART socket on your TV.
If that works then your TV and SCART cable are ok.
If not there could be a bad connection or broken wire in the cable or TV.
If TV with video ok, then there may be a bad solder joint between the SCART socket and PCB (printed circuit board) in your freeview box.
See if you get sound while pushing the plug up, down (to push the bad connection on the socket to the PCB.)

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Tuesday 19 July 2011 1:07PM
Haywards Heath

Just read that the boc is OK with other telly,
where you using the same cable.
If yes then box and cable ok, so check that contacts on plug OK.
If contacts are luse, bend them for tighter fit and clean them by scraping them with a screwdriver.

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