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North Shields and previously rpck solid perfect pictures now break up, become blocky or freeze and the sound drops out. Experienced on Channel 5 and ITV1 over the last couple of days and always around 7.45-8.30pm. Could this be linked to preparation for tests to run 4G in the area?

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The proposed "improvements" will not improve the Freeview service: quite the opposite. Once more, viewer's intersts come second to business interest, and since changes cost money, it won't only be the users of the new services that pay: Freeview viewers will also end up paying more through the need for new equipment.

Changes cause disruption and inconvenience for those unable or unwilling to switch to other services from Freeview, but it's the Freeview viewer, and the services the rely on, that will be affected when the changes are made.

When we were "sold" the ides of Freeview, it was hyped as a free service for life which would bring more channels and more choice... but that claim rings hollow now that the regulators intend to reduce the spectrum available for Freeview.

Freeview was a leap forward into the exciting digital age; away from the old analogue channels and millions of viewers bought into the new service by buying expensive equipment. Do we get a refund for our existing equipment when we have to buy more new equipment in order to watch the service we already bought into?

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Connected Freeview comes a step closer today
Wednesday 10 December 2014 8:58AM

Freeview over internet sounds great... if you have broadband.

Unfortunately, millions of TV viewers in the UK do not have an internet connection for reasons of cost, geographic location or even personal choice. Among those that do have internet access, many are only able to receive dial-up services while others have broadband speeds below 2 Mbps.

Since the demise of the universal analogue service, Freeview is the only free service available. Moving Freeview to the internet - even for part of the service - would disadvantage millions who have no alternative, and that is unacceptable.

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