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Just to say that transmissions on ensemble 10C have started transmitting with 4 stations operational.

Radio Gloucester (On Test) 128KBits/Sec
Heart (Gloucestershire) 112KBits/Sec
Gold 112KBits/Sec
Sunshine 112KBits/Sec

Excellent reception here at 5km from the transmitter. Well done Muxco even if it has been very much delayed.

Muxco say "Also, please remember that the Gloucestershire tests are just that tests. This means that there may well be downtime for the multiplex or individual services between now and launch."
More information at:- » Gloucestershire/Hereford & Worcester Test Plans (GL537QH)

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Just a quick correction Brian. COM7 on channel 32 started yesterday the 8th April 2014 and not COM8 as currently shown. As expected, signal strength down on other multiplexes but still very adequate.

Keep up the good work.


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Around the Bend? | Rigger's zone
Monday 16 June 2014 11:34PM

The only point where a curved screen would be better is at the radius of a circle the curved screen would make; i.e. any point on the screen would be at right angles to the point of view. Seen from the side, the angle of view would be better at one side of the screen and worse on the other and tough if you want to wall mount it.

Flat screens now, are not CRT technology scanned from a point behind the screen so linearity is almost perfect and there is nothing a curve would make any difference except the single sweet spot' as described above.

No doubt there will be more sales blurb like Samsung's that will extol the virtues and it will be a must have' in the modern home?

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I can confirm that at least the Panasonic CX802B series have had the update for Freeview Play and is very clear and works very well. If you have added a USB hard drive (can be a USB powered for 2.5 inch), you can select to record from the guide. Going back up to 7 days, the iPlayers also work well.

I hope this helps.

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Further to my previous post on the Panasonic CX802B, at the moment, you cannot pause Live TV even if the external USB Hard Drive is installed. This is a big minus point.

Also on the Panasonic Freesat Freetime implementation, you cannot directly record from the Guide as you can on Freeview Play; another minus point spoiling what is, apart from the lack of Live TV pause, a great set.

Again, I hope this helps.

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Where we are in Cheltenham, for ITV, we are in the West. On Freeview, it is 3/103 for SD/HD but HD is Central rather than West. For Freesat the same is 103/111 with West on both SD and HD.

I emailed Freesat suggesting that to make it simpler for viewers, why not 103 for the West HD version. The reply was a flat NO and the implication being, what did the viewer know about these things. I understand for Channel 4 that the advertising regions may be different but 104 SD is excluded from out channel list as is 103 and 108 plus BBC Two SD.

Both Freeview and Freesat don't help on our devices as the order or the designated channel numbers cannot be changed. As a consequence, it is no wonder so many viewers watch in SD.

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I agree with a lot of what Brian said plus other comments. The hardware is very good and worth a full 5 Stars but the soft/firmware is only a 2 Star at the moment. As already commented, the remote code clashes with Humax/Youview and cannot be changed plus this is the most un-ergonomic software needing multiple presses to do the simplest things like playing back a recording. I have a harmony programmable remote and it needs 5 actions to get to the latest recording. This is even worse if you have many programmes in a series.

For radio channels, there is no HTML5 at the moment and you get a black screen plus trying to use the 4K capability does not support HDR on Netflix. Other satellite channels cannot be combined with Freesat so Channel 4 HD stays unavailable as does other HD channels like CNN which are on 28.2 East. If you go to other satellite channels, ALL the Freesat setup is lost although recordings are still there.

In talking to Freesat, they are still working to develop the SW but changing remote codes was not on the list. Here's hope for future development.

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