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One of our TVs was ok on SKY but the other said '11 no signal.' Tried all the usual fixes. Swopped boxes- no change.
Phoned installer and it was fixed in an instant. The TV's own remote had been used to try and change a SKY channel instead of the SKY remote. The TV was now on channel 11 instead of the required channel 1.
Channel 1 reselected and all OK.
Spent hours trying to sort this last night!

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Quest +1
Wednesday 15 March 2017 9:36PM

Retuned Freeview on 15 March 2015 as Quest channels changed.
Quest is on channel 37.
Quest Red on 38.
Quest + 1 now on 92.

Channels 37 and 38 are fine.
EPG shows listings for channel 92 Quest + 1,
but selecting the channel only gives a message that it is on air 05:00-08:00.
2 re-tunes with same result.
Teething trouble?

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Freeview connected to the Kinross repeater transmitter on Cleish hills.
Lost all channels and no EPG about 18:00 Friday 13 October 2017.
Told from elsewhere that Craigkelly reception is OK.
Tried the Freeview reset procedure.
'No services have been found'.

All connections normal and were not disturbed.

Any advice welcome. Thanks.


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Went back to the house yesterday and all was back to normal.
Must have been a mast problem.
Don't understand how the Sony TV had channels back as I left it wiped.

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Postcode is KY13 8FB.
Aerial tuned to Kinross transmitter.
All connections were unplugged and refitted without success.
Channels reappeared next day without touching anything.

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I have a Pace 2500N 2.1.37 version 9F0402 in the attic.
Sky free channels.
The aerial cable is from the RF out 2, and runs a long distance outside the house, through the garage and into the kitchen.
Signal strength is over 80%, and signal quality over 90%.
Picture is perfect and consistent.
I have just replaced the magic eye with a different brand, now a PROception proSAT1EYE Mk3, as the previous brand became erratic in response to inputs.
No real improvement with the new eye.
Using the channel up and down rocker gives the best chance of success, but inputting a channel number manually rarely works.
The aerial connection into the eye appears to be sound. The red light on the eye is always on, even if the connections or cable are moved.
Changing channels by pointing the controller directly at the Pace box works perfectly.

Any suggestions how to improve this? Putting the Pace box visible in the kitchen not a popular move.

Many thanks.

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