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and as for getting the trade body to investigate a complete waste of time and all they did was sympathise and try to make out that i had a superb job done much better then anyone else hence the much higher charge

well as it has turned out since it was installed it has now all been removed as it was not the best install by a long shot and was the main cause why Samsung tv's wouldn't work in the house owing to picture glitch

the system i have now from my local dealer cost just £250 and that includes amp and top of the range A band aerial for London plus freesat. Main aerial situated in the loft giving a ten for picture quality across all the top TV's

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yes Ian the CAI were no good at all and yes the company install was done by you know who but as i said my very good friend their had retired when my install took place and i know in my heart having used him personally many times in the past all would have been well

So at the end of the day i paid £550 only to have to have it all ripped out after 2 years because of picture glitch

i then paid the experts at Avensys Ltd £250 and have been glitch free ever since with a full Televes set up and as i say it's been spot on from say one and being in the loft nice and neat

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yes Steve
as i said above it took a couple of years to get that £100 from the original payment of £650 but i wont be using or recommending this top Sussex company again as their way to expensive

they charge £45 for a twin connector aerial feed socket you know the the one in which put into your aerial socket so that you can then feed your tv a signal in the lounge and then feeds the upstairs bedrooms

so you can see how the original bill ended up at £650

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indeed Ron and what was worse was before avensys ripped it all out they tried to sort it out by comong round to the house but the warranty was out so that cost me another £55 plus vat

so all in all i paid £653-30 for the original install plus £64-63 for the second charge and after complaining to the CAI who thought the charges were correct for a first class top of the range install

But i persisted with my complaint to the owner of the business and got £100 back so all in all i paid as per my invoices £717-93 minus £100 = 617-93

i then had to pay for a full install with freesat with Avensys £250

the breakdown on the original invoice was as follows
1x XG14A £180 PLUS VAT

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I'm unsure Ian of the configuration that the engineer used but as you say it was wrong
the Televes is used by Avensys themselves and their set up in the shop is very complicated to say the least

the main thing it meets my approval and the guy doing the work very good highlighting that the key when installing in the loft is to take your time and make sure that the signal to noise ratios are under 60 DB and that any amp is shielded and not to over the top with the boosting

we found a nice spot in the loft which gives me 100% for quality of signal on my Panasonic plasma VT42 and touch wood it's never glitched once since the install barring the changeover of course when we had no signal at all

once that was over and everyone at crystal palace stopped fiddling around everything was then fine

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