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I'm in Sandy Heath range (Bedford). I have two Toshiba digital TVs which have been working fine for years (both plugged into the same rooftop aerial). One of them started having problems with interference on the BBC channels after phase one of the switchover. I had hoped that today's final phase would've corrected that. It hasn't. And I've lost use of ITV1, ITV2, C4, etc.

But, this is only true of one of the TVs. The other one works fine.

Can anyone help?

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Mike Dimmick: Well, I'm not sure but I imagine it's the reverse. The TV that works fine is on the second floor very near the aerial while the one that doesn't work is on the ground floor.

I had another thought. The TV that is having the problems also has a DVD player and PS3 plugged into it. The one that is fine has nothing else plugged in. Could that be the cause?

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I posted previously (live very near the Sandy Heath tower). I have two digital TVs, one of which works fine, the other has poor reception on BBC channels and doesn't pick up ITV1, ITV2, Ch4, Ch5, etc at all.

I moved the one that works and plugged it into the aerial socket of the one that doesn't and it stopped working. Perhaps it's the distance from the aerial, except the one that works is on the top floor closest to the aerial itself, suggesting it is not on a longer cable from the aerial.

Another suggestion was that the signal was too strong now. So I turned off the built in antenna amplifier and installed an attenuator. Things are now worse, suggesting the signal isn't too strong?

Maybe the signal is now too weak so TVs on the top floor are closer to the aerial and are getting a stronger signal. Will now try moving TV from ground floor to top floor to see if it works there.

Any other thoughts? Could the aerial be wrong? It worked fine picking up digital before the switchover.

Starting to get really annoyed. Seems I'm not alone.

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Update: moved the ground floor TV to the top floor and it worked just fine; got all the BBC channels and ITV1, ITV2, Ch4, Ch5, etc.

So the problem is with the connection between the aerial and the socket on the ground floor.

Help? Do I need to try boosting it?

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