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Firstly, thanks for an excellent website.
I am on the fringe of both the Mendip & Wenvoe transmitters. I have a roof mounted horizontal 12 element Yagi pointed at Mendip and a loft mounted horizontal 8 element Yagi pointing at Wenvoe. Both feeds are combined and fed into an Antiference splitter box feeding four outlets in various rooms in the house.

I sat down yesterday and went through a full scan of all channels. The channels shown on this site to be broadcasting at 100kw on both transmitters are showing full strength / good quality. Channels 56 & 62 from Mendip, although broadcasting at 10kw and showing lower strength and quality are watchable without problems. Channel 67 from Mendip, broadcasting at 10kw, is showing low strength quality and is unwatchable most of the time. Channels 42,45 and 49 from Wenvoe, although transmtting at 50kw are showing low strength / quality and are unwatchable (This I suspect is due to the small aerial mounted inside the loft).

My questions are therefore this.

1. Can I expect the Mendip channels that are currently being transmitted at less than 100kw to be increased to 100kw when switchover completes in all adjoining areas?
2. Is the fact that some of the Mendip 10kw channels (C56,C62) are OK, whilst C67 is not, because C67 is at the top of the frequency band? If so, should I grit my teeth and wait for it to move to C52 in September or would a better aerial resolve this?
3. Can I expect the Wenvoe channels that are currently being transmitted at 50kw to be increased to 100kw when switchover is complete?

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Thanks for your quick response. I had a local (CAI approved) installer in today for a quote for replacing my current config with two roof mounted wideband aerials on a 6' pole. Quote is £190 inc. VAT. Is this reasonable??

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I went ahead with the quote today and can report:- The installer fitted two high gain, wide-band aerials to the chimney on a 6' pole and fed the cables throught the wall to the loft into my existing combining box.
Channel 67 (10kw) from Mendip is coming through at 90-95% signal strength (it did not exceed 50% before) and all Wenvoe channels broadcasting at 50kw are also running at 90-95% strength - 100% quality.

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