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Bay TV will NOT be available from June 30th, 2014.

The on-air launch is delayed until the Fall of 2014.

Hyperlocal channels sign sales deal but Bay TV delays launch - Prolific North

The reason for the delayed launch of Bay TV Liverpool is due to a relay transmitter in Wirral, which won't be operational until August.

It's taken a little longer than we had hoped, said Johnson.

It means we have had to revise our plans and we are now working towards a launch in October, depending on the speed with which the Storeton relay can be commissioned and we can get through testing our equipment.

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As Briantist has explained, it does seem inconsistent that Children's TV HD stations are put in the Children's section rather than the HD section, whereas News HD stations are not put in the News section rather than the New section.

The one thing that the Freeview EPG planners are consistently good at is being inconsistent.

For those feeling nostalgic for simpler times, here is a link to the original Freeview lineup.


Who would have guessed that ITV News and Sky Sports News would disappear and be replaced by a pro-Russian Federation news station and Anglophone and Arab language news services from a station based in Qatar?

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"whereas News HD stations are not put in the News section rather than the New section."

Of course that should have been

"whereas News HD stations are put in the HD section rather than the News section."

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Wednesday 3 September 2014 6:21PM

Mr.D.Parrott wrote "The B.B.C., are today suggesting on-screen,that we go to "" No they are not -- they are suggesting you go to, not The is a bogus site for people who are unable to type correctly and it redirects to Digital Express Holding page which has been reported as an attack site, probably a legitimate business site which through careless and incompetent administration has become a distributor of trojan malware. Please type URLS correctly before making serious allegations.

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Vintage TV
Wednesday 3 September 2014 7:06PM

Jamie Rose: Don't know if anyone else is getting this error hope it gets fixed.

This error can only be fixed by you buying a new Freeview HD+ TV or Freeview HD+ set top box connected to the Internet because as the error message clearly explains "device not compatible."

Services listed in the 200-299 range are not broadcast over the air but via the Internet. The over the air EPG just carries an entry pointing to the IPTV service which can only be accessed by a Freeview HD+ (newer than 2012 or so) capable receiver connected to the Internet.

It you want to watch Vintage TV without such a device, just point your satellite dish to Astra 2 cluster at 28,2 East and tune your satellite receiver to 11.261 GHz horizontal, SR 27500000, FEC 2/3, SID 52180, Video PID 2315, Audio PID 2314

There are many more music video tv services (at least 19) FTA from Astra 2 28,2 compared to the 2 (?) remaining on Freeview.

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Following the re-tune yesterday afternoon, Bay TV appeared on the EPG, being transmitted on the "Local" multiplex on UHF channel 30 at 546 MHz from the Storeton transmitter.

It is currently broadcasting a continuous test loop of scenes of everyday life from Liverpool.

Please update the start date to "Fall 2014" (not June 30th, 2014) and correct the typographical error for the transmission mode of the local multiplex QPSK", not "QSPK".

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Saturday 6 September 2014 7:48PM

"STV +1" appears to be no longer broadcast on satellite and has been replaced by "STV Tayside" on Astra 2E 10.906 GHz vertical SID 10225

This can very easily be verifed by comparing the program on STV North/East/West with that on SID 10225 -- it is exactly the same program, not a +1 hour delay.

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Storeton Local multiplex frequency is 545.833 MHz (166 khz negative offset from 546 MHz)

tune to: QAM_AUTO f = 545833 kHz I999B8C999D999T999G999Y0
(time: 12:04) ===================== parse_network_change_notify_descriptor ===========
len = 20
0x00: 07 00 00 10 01 01 DE 47 13 30 00 01 00 00 13 00 : G 0
0x10: 20 0B 23 3A : #:
service = POP ((null))
service = Chart Show TV ((null))
service = QVC EXTRA ((null))
service = BAYTVLIVERPOOL ((null))
service = POP ((null))

Using the non offset frequency of 546 MHz does NOT work so please provide accurate data!

And to repeat for the third time, the transmission mode is QPSK not QSPK.

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Hamish: Can anyone suggest an indoor aerial that will work ?

Indoor antennas will only work in locations very close to the transmitter and also where there is minimal local noise. You must remember that the walls of buildings severely attenuate radio waves more so at the higher UHF frequencies.

Also as you are no doubt aware, waves which do pass through the walls may get reflected and standing waves form, so it is essentail not to place your antenna at a node point, and this means trying moving the antenna both horizontally and vertically.

If your set top style antenna does not work, then you could try a small log periodic antenna such as the Labgear mini-compact available from various retailers including Screwfix


But remember if you in a basement or even at street level without a clear line of sight to the transmitter then reception is unlikely.

Are readers also to understand that your are in possesion of a television receiving licence in order to display tv pictures as they are broadcast live?

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Perhaps it would be useful to be reminded how the Freeview system and TV reception licencing system is implemented in other non-UK administrative areas viz Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and Sark?

Clearly the Isle of Man has responsibility for its own broadcasting since commercial radio has long existed there in the form of Manx Radio, since June 29th, 1964, and in 2011 decided to keep the TV receiving licence.

TV Licencing gives the impression that the typical form of attire for women in the Channel Islands is the sari.

TV Licensing - If you live on the Channel Islands or Isle of Man

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