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Tuesday March 23rd
Tuesday 22 March 2011 9:52AM

Sorry for your loss.

Keep up the good work with the site. I find it very useful, but family come first.

All the best.

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Paying Sky for free public service television channels
Tuesday 30 August 2011 10:07AM

Considering the cost cutting the BBC are having to do and with talk of threats to BBC4, the one intelligent channel on TV, I don't see why the BBC should pay Sky millions just to go on their EPG. I think they should pay the BBC for being able to broadcast their programmes, which our licence fees have paid for. Any programme that people start watching in any numbers is bought up by Sky, so then you have the choice of paying Sky or not watching further episodes. True Blood, Mad Men to name just two!

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5* and 5USA coming to Freesat by Christmas | Freesat
Tuesday 18 October 2011 10:53AM

I live in Newhaven where the Freeview (when we get it in May) will be the cut down service, not the full one. The only way to get a full Digital TV service here is satellite. It would be good to see all 'free-to-air' broadcasts on Freesat, without us having to give our hard earned cash to the Murdochs!
I was facinated by your other post showing most people using Sky are mostly paying to watch free-to-air broadcasts!

P.S. I am not much of a sports fan, so can live without Sky!

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I live in Newhaven, so finally on Wednesday my TV's digital tuner will get it's first use. I've had the set for 5 years!!!

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Thanks for the comments. Just some background info, I like most residents of Newhaven, haven't waited years for digital tv, so have had to opt for satellite to get it. I went for a Freesat Humax HD recorder which gives me all the TV I need, without giving the Murdochs even more money!

jb38 the TV is a Toshiba WLT68. I checked just now and BBC2 giving blank blue screen. Will try after 9am to tune in to the first lot of digital channels.

Unfortunately when I bought the set there were no HD Freeview sets, so will only be watching HD on Freesat.

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Just after 9am I was finally able to tune into all the BBC channels.

The quality of the old analogue signal was awful and also in 4:3.

Digital picture vast improvement, but still softer than on Freesat in SD. Could play with TV settings, but that will affect Freesat picture as well.

I find the Standard Def picture on Freesat very good if original broadcast is done in HD.

At least now I will be able to record two channels on Freesat and still be able to watch another channel on Freeview.

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I remember when I first got the TV I was not impressed with the picture. Then found people on the net saying turn of ALL the picture enhancing settings, which improved things.

I need to check the settings to see if they are off as I have altered them recently.


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Re picture quality on my Toshiba TV on Freeview.

You were correct, I found two noise reduction settings, DNR and MPEG NR were both set to ON. Now they are off, both Freview and Freesat pictures look similar in quality.

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Re Newhaven only having Public Service channels.

Can't see why that couldn't include ITV3 and ITV4 before including +1 channels. Also aren't 5* and 5USA also free to air?

Will there be any room for adding extra channels in the future?

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It's switchover day so that's why. At 6.45 I checked and found the other 3 analogue signals have gone, but no new digital ones.

As this site has pointed out, a full rescan done after 9am should get the full 'Freeview Light' package.

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