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I have both a Sony television and a Sony Digital Recorder. Having done the retuning all channels seem to be perfect on the tv.

On the recorder the HD channels the picture breaks up intermittently for about a second or two.

When I did the retuning, I did it (as advised here) on the tv without the aerial first time and second time with the aerial. With the recorder I just did it with the aerial connected. Is it worth doing it again without and then with the aerial to the recorder?

It isn't a great hassle as I can obviously record off 1, 2, 3 etc.

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Dave Lindsay: Thank you for your response. Presumably the signal for the recorder must come from the same place as the tv, as the aerial is plugged into the recorder and out to the tv. I have a Sony SVR-HDT500 Freeview+ HD Recorder. How would I find which channel it is tuned to?

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Thank you Dave Lindsay. I will probably have a go tomorrow (doubt I will have time tonight). This is providing I can find the signal strength screen!

I hope it is easy to change transmitters if necessary.

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Dave Lindsay: I have checked my channels this morning and BBC1 HD is coming through on Channel 30. It has S (signal?) of 17% and Q (quality?) of variable 44 - 47%

I also checked BBC1 /2 on ch 23 S=77% Q=100%
ITV1 /Ch.4 /5 ch 26 S=51% Q=100%

BBC News / Parliament ch 23 S=77% Q=100% Sky News ch 22 S=77% Q=100%

Would it be worth trying to change the channels for the HD services, and if so how?! It is a Sony svr-hdt500-freeview HD recorder.


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Dave Lindsay: Thanks for trying to help. I live 18 miles from Crystal Palace (according to Google Maps) - would I get overload from that distance?

Obviously I have not checked out 118 channels for reception!

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Tim: Thanks. Radlett cannot be only a mile from me (Colindale), but I am using the distance from the postcode given above and my postcode.

We have a funny aerial system, I understand the aerial is fed from a block of flats opposite under the road and into the houses !!!

If it is only the HD channels that are causing problems then I will not dwell on the 'problem'. The HD stations seem to be okay on the TV, but it is through the Recorder they break up.

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Dave Lindsay: I tried all the multiplexes briefly this evening. The only one that I saw the picture break up was the HD channels.

Tim: Thank for your suggestion I will try that tomorrow.

Can someone please tell me if I try retuning without the aerial in, and then retuning again with the aerial connected (as I did on the tv), would all my recordings be saved?

I am presuming they are there unless I reformat the disc.

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So, has anybody got any suggestions why reception on my digital recorder for the HD channels breaks up? I have checked all other muxes and it is perfectly okay. The HD channels are okay on the television.

I have checked my signal is coming from Crystal Palace, and have checked the cables are okay.

The only thing I cannot check is the aerial, which is in a block of flats opposite and fed underground to the houses.

I live in NW9 which according to Google maps is 18 miles away from CP.

(Thanks to David Lindsay for his initial help).

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Tim: The aerial comes from the wall socket to the HD recorder and this is fed to the tv.

Last night I was actually getting a perfect HD picture from the DR. However, this morning it is breaking up again.

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Tim: Thank you for your suggestions. You are certainly not teaching me to "suck eggs" !!

Where are these cables available from? Currys or a specialist tv dealer? I really don't want to spend too much money on what is relatively a minor problem as the DR works okay with the other stations. If I buy them and they have no effect, then I have wasted my money!!

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