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I live in West Norwood in London within a mile of Crystal Palace. I recieve Freeview HD on a Digitalstream HD recorder. All has been fine since I bought it at the beginning of the year. Since Sunday 6th Nov all the HD channels have lost quality i.e. signal ok but no quality and I get the message no signal on the video. I tried a factory reset and now my box has no HD services listed. I have tried a manual scan on UHF31 554Mhz and my box shows nothing. All the SD channels are fine but no HD!! Is there a problem at CP? I know they did planned work the previosu Friday but I gots signal after that ok only since Sunday (in the middle of Downton Abbey) has it gone

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So it seems so far nobody has Freeview HD from CP?
Brian I take the point about single frequency interference but nothing has been added in my house to generate it (am BBC Radio engineer btw) If it is single freq interference then it might be from next door but surely a brick wall would be enough to stop that?

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Thanks for that Brian - I myself atempted to contact Arquiva who run the sight but had to do it via BBC duty managers who reported that they are informed by Arquiva remote managment systems that all is ok. HOwever having had dealings before with privatised parts of broadcasting sometimes the correct information is mislaid. I would still be intereste to know if anybody is actually receving Freeview HD off air from Crystal Palace on C31 as currently my box says not. Now my box could suddenly be fauly but it would seems strange if all of a sudden it picks up nothing on C31. It is more likely that the mux service id and programme id tables produced at CP are corrupted. However if anybody else is receiving things ok on C31 then it is time for me to eat humble pie and replace the box. So far on this forum all I am hearing is HD freview has been "lost". I am actually considering getting a cheap HD set top box just to test the signal anyway

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Malcolm Springett:
OK OK OK Humble Pie time. The problem with living so close to CP means that reception is always good. Now while outside today I noticed that my aerial was not paralled to the ground and it was pointing about 30 degrees down. I have now repositioned it and heh presto HD returns :-). I did not originally suspect aerial as I was getting v high reception figures for all the SD channels - which as I live so close to CP is not suprising however it is clear that Freeview HD is very suspect to any kind of aerial problems.

Anyway all ok now so will go and crawl away in shame

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