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Fiona Tate:

Parts of the Darlington area have been one of the more difficult areas to get signals to from the current temporary transmitters. Have you tried a retune recently? You may get some signals from one of the existing temporary transmitters, more likely the one at Arncliffe Wood. If an auto retune doesn't get anything, try manual retuning on the channels detailed here Channel information for Bilsdale Temporary Mast, Eston Nab, and Arncliffe Wood | Freeview

Arqiva had hoped to have the new temporary 80m mast at Bilsdale operating by Oct.5th but this has now been delayed by the current atrocious weather.
Arqiva have been proving updates on the situation see -…mast
They are also hoping to get some further temporary masts installed to cover areas that may not get signals from the Bilsdale temporary mast.
Freeview have also provided updates, mainly a summary of information from Arqiva -
Latest Bilsdale Transmitter Update | Freeview
There's also been some fairly good reports here (read through to see earlier reports) -
Bilsdale transmitter: Arqiva boss responds to job losses and impact on fixing mast | The Northern Echo

I did read/hear somewhere that Arqiva were going to be setting up a dedicated helpline, but can't find the detail at present. Freeview have one but it's primarily recorded information and they don't have the technical knowledge that Arqiva have!
If after the temporary Bilsdale mast is operating, you are still having problems getting a signal, the helpline may be of some help - number will be posted when available.

The Predicted reception checker shows your location should usually get an excellent signal from Bilsdale, so reception from the temporary mast may be ok. But you are also predicted to get very good signals from the Pontop Pike transmitter but this will involve repositioning your aerial in almost the opposite direction to which it currently points. After the new temporary mast is operational, it could be that those still struggling to get reception may have financial or free help with aerial work, as you'll see from the reports there is various funding being provided, it'll be a case of see what develops.

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Willie Bone:

Quite. Diamonds such as GWR in the West region!

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Gordon Hargest:

You didn't say how long you've currently been having the problem with C28.

How long ago was your new aerial installed? Was it and the booster/splitter installed with new double-screened coax?
And to clear up a couple of points, there is no such thing as a digital aerial. Aerials are aerials, they pick up RF signals, it doesn't matter if they are analogue or digital - the aerial does not distinguish, it's what's on the end of the coax that does that!
Your "installer" seems to have (very) limited knowledge. Trees can be a massive problem, especially when wet, it depends where they are! If they are deciduous, then their effects will vary with the amount of leaf.

You mentioned that the channels that are fine are varying between 7 and 10, is this the strength figure? If so, what are the quality figures?

Have you looked at your aerial? Is it securely fixed and not moving in the wind and not missing any elements? Is the downlead securely fixed to the pole etc. and not flapping in the wind?
For your location, the aerial should be pointing at a bearing of 113 degrees - pretty much ESE, and the rods (or squashed Xs) should be horizontal (also compare with your neighbours' aerials).

How far away (roughly) are these trees? Are they on your own property and are they tall enough to be on the aerial line-of-sight? Could they be trimmed/topped?

If it weren't for the probable issue with the trees, the predicted reception from Ridge Hill for your locale is very good. As you may have noticed from the post before yours, the Transmitter is having Planned Engineering, and as the other channels do not seems to be as badly affected, it's possible that the engineering is the cause of your issue with the BBCA multiplex, but we really need some more of the detail as mentioned to be more certain.

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simon john:

If you are referring to Freeview DTT, yes, it transmits the Local Cambridge multiplex on UHF C35. It was on C40 before the 700MHz Clearance programme.

It also transmits DAB National multiplexes on block 11D (D1 mux) and 12B (BBC) and the Local Cambridgeshire mux on 11C.

FM transmissions include R1-R4, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Heart FM, Kiss & Star Radio.

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Monday 4 October 2021 10:58PM

Graham Coleman:

You shouldn't really have any issues receiving any of the DAB stations that are available. There's a transmitter in the middle of Coventry that easily covers your area for the BBC National Mux on Block 12B, the D1 National Commercial mux on Block 11D, and a Local mux on Block 12D (Coventry). There's also a transmitter at Meriden to your NW carrying the Local mux on 12D and another at Ilmington to your SSW.
Further away at Lark Stoke to your SSW, the transmitter has the BBC and D1 National muxes which give some limited coverage in the Coventry area.

The SDL National Commercial mux on Block 11A is transmitted from a limited number of main transmitters and your two nearest are Sutton Coldfield to the NW of you, and Daventry to the SE of you (both also transmit the other two National muxes. Daventry also has a Local mux on 12D (Coventry), and another on 10C (Northampton). The Sutton Coldfield signals don't get into some parts of Coventry that well, but the Daventry transmitter should cover your area quite well with the National and Coventry muxes.

You should try and position your radio where the direction to the transmitter is not obstructed by thick walls, large metal objects like fridges and freezers etc, and move its aerial around to optimise the signal. Obviously on/near window sills facing the transmitter direction will be best.

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Have a listen to the mp3, not the best English to start with, never mind a summary of it by "Clipped" !!

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Tony Hill:

It will have nothing to do with the satellite distance! Perhaps someone else with Freesat might be able to say if they also have this problem. I wonder whether it's an issue with certain receivers - which one do you have?

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All free TV channels in the UK
Tuesday 5 October 2021 12:11AM


This is still an ongoing. The problems for Channel 4 and Channel 5 continue.
This is a good place for a summary -
Fallout from Red Bee Broadcast Centre incident: latest status - Clean Feed

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Mark A:

There are several misleading articles that have been published based on the same erroneous information.
Lazy "journalists" (if you can really call them that) not bothering to check with an official source for a quote.
I'm really surprised that Briantist 's system (using "Clipped") has picked this one up!

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Sergio Dalmazzo-Auckland:

The map co-ordinates given are incorrectly putting it at Croxton (in Norfolk) !!

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