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Is there anyone else in the OX28 area suffering awful digital reception? Periodically, on some channels - ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, E4, C4, to name the very worst - the sound deteriorates to untranslatable, and the picture disintegrates and pixelates. This has been going on for absolutely months and we're at the end of our tether with these issues. Our full postcode is OX28 5JJ, if that helps. We've checked everything, retuned everything, in fact the only thing we haven't done is set fire to the TV and tuner.

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Thanks for a response. However only the latter set of symptoms apply and none of the causes of those symptoms can be identified.

Similarly, I am receiving reports from other digital viewers in this area who are reporting the same symptoms.

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Things here in OX28 have been fine lately. Everything seemed to have settled down to good quality digital television.

Until tonight. ITV1 and C5 have been pixellated to buggery and the sound has been like Norman Collier on acid.

I thought digital was supposed to bring a quality improvement? This is ridiculously poor.

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What on earth is going on with digital via Freeview from the Oxford transmitter?

After months of being normal, the last two days/two nights has seen absolutely awful reception in OX28.

BBC1 and BBC2 are now completely uwatchable. I don't even switch to those channels any more.

This is a really fantastic technological upgrade, from 'something' to 'absolutely nothing at all'.

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Oxford (Oxfordshire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Tuesday 22 January 2013 10:54AM

Postcode: OX28 5JJ

I can't get Digital radio on my Humax. I've switched it off, switched it back on again, retuned it...

But the only stations that show up in the 700-range are:
790: Test (coming soon), and
791: Dave ja vu.

Can anyone throw any light on this please?

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Thanks nickwilcock and Paul.

There are no such config settings.

I used to have the full range of radio and now they've gone.

So is there anyone else receiving from the OX transmitter who can check whether they have radio?

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Sorry for taking so long to get back on this, I've been travelling.

I restored my Humax to factory settings, did a scan and saved the results and, surprisingly, radio is back.

However, I have noticed, in the last few days, that some TV channels are subject to frame-freeze (but sound continues, unbroken), whilst a couple of other TV channels are prone to pixelation. These issues are new. Thoughts, anyone?

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Well, the weather has deteriorated; black skies, pouring rain, howling wind and, with it, comes a degraded television service. Film 4 is beyond unwatchable. A quick flick through the TV channels shows a similar story elsewhere. What was the line about digital TV providing a superior service? OX28 5JJ.

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@Paul, @Briantist

Thanks for getting back to me on my gripe.

My aerial is in the loft. There is no external installation.

There are no trees or other objects obstructing line of sight (outside the house).

This is a new (5 year old) house. When I had the aerial checked because of pixelation on the switchover to digital, the installer said I had a strong signal, and he removed the booster. Pixelation stopped, at that stage.

When the picture/sound deteriorated the other day, I had a quick (far from exhaustive) flick around the channels and deterioration was obvious on:



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@Dave, thanks for getting back to me. No. There's been no development on any estates near me. I don't understand how high ground could affect some channels and not all channels, and even then, only in certain weather conditions, that seems odd to my technical brain.

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