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I live in Swindon, Wilts and our freeview reception was perfect until a short time ago.
Then we lost many channels ITV, CH4, CH5 , E4, Film4 and many others, yet we still have BBC1, BBC2 and a number of others. I received a filter of some sort identified by CH60 on it and a leaflet saying that due to the turning on of 4G system this
'might' interfere with freeview reception. If I connect this filter between the aerial and the mast amp or boost this will allow me to receive all signals again and normal reception as before. Well I've connected it and it doesn't work. When are the authorities going to stop their greed for money. They should not have turned on 4G until they had made sure it did not affect any other system freeview or anyother one.
Unfortunately, because of the revenue generated from the mobile phone companies the authorities knowing that the 4G frequency system would affect freeview still went ahead with it because of the money it will give them ( the mobile phone companies and the authorities). Well it is totally un-acceptable and we the people are paying for our TV licences. So, when are the authorities going to resolve this freeview reception problem ?


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Dave Lindsay:

Hi Dave,

I shall indeed be contacting this at800 company. I installed a proper digital tri fold aerial in my loft. I connected it to an 8 tv booster
amp both from Maplins. I did all this over a year ago and I never had a problem with freeview reception. The only problem I have is now and since nothing has changed at my end. Then the problem is at the transmitter end and or the 4G frequency system. The evidence and data speaks for itself this being all the many people writing in complaining about the same problem with freeview reception. In addition since we have an upfront admission by this at800 company that this 4G transmission 'might' affect freeview transmission. Again I state that they should not have been allowed to begin 4G transmission unless they had resolved all known issues and they already knew it would affect freeview. So, can anyone tell us why they still went ahead with the 4G transmission ?

This is causing myself and many other people major hassle not of our doing. Yet we are the one's that have to do all the running around
to get it resolved. I wonder if all the CEO's , Directors and hierarchy of the companies involved with the 4G transmission have this problem with their freeview reception in their homes.


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