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jb38: I don't think there was any risk of the Humax input being overloaded. The gain of the Wickes amp is only 6dB. The Humax was reporting 50-55% signal strength. The amp which I'm now using is 12dB and the Humax is reporting 72% And the quality is a rock-steady 100% on all muxes (which it was, even at a lower signal level once I had removed the Wickes amp from the equation)

Ian: The amp is actually in an upstairs bedroom/office rather than the loft, but that's not important. It has both TV and FM radio inputs, which it distributes to various points around the house - hence the 6 outputs. Two of these are currently used for TVs and two for radios, and the others are in position where we might want one or the other at various times.

And yes, I'm now using two amps. The additional amp has one input and 3 outputs - 2 of which are in use. The input is connected to the aerial. One of the outputs goes to the Humax and its connected TV, and another output goes to the Wickes amp's UHF input - so that will continue to do everything it's always done EXCEPT for supplying the Humax.

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jb38: Yes, there are lots more things I COULD do but - having been tearing my hair out for 3 months, and having now found what seems to be a solution - I want to move on to other things!

Anyway, many thanks to all who have held my hand along the way.

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Film 4
Tuesday 6 August 2013 8:41PM

We get Freeview from Sutton Coldfield. We've started to get on-screen messages about Film4 (15) "moving" and a re-tune being necessary but, apart from the messages, Film4 is still displaying normally.
Anyone know the score?


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