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Film 4
Sunday 7 October 2012 3:21PM

I've been having some freeview problems and I was hoping someone here may be able to help me out. Sorry if this isn't the correct place but I couldn't see a topic that covered the problems I had.

I live in Darwen (postcode BB3 2SN) in North West England. At the moment we aren't able to get some of the Freeview channels, which are:

11 Pick TV
12 Dave
15 Film4
17 Really
19 Yesterday
24 ITV4
46 Challenge

I may have missed one or two out.

The problems started just before the Olympics when we retuned the TV. We had the above channels before the retune (except Dave, which we've never been able to pick up). After the retune they vanished, and we haven't had them since.

The specs of the equipment are:

Digital Panasonic TV, model no. TX-L32X10B
Toshiba DVD player model no. SD5010KB
Humax Recorder model no. PVR-9150T

The aerial cable is plugged into a small Antiference box, which has a cable from it leading to the Humax, which has a cable running into the TV. Before the Olympics, we also had an LG video recorder through which the antenna cable went too, and we were able to receive the above channels with no issues. I removed the video in case it had something to do with the problem. I don't know what kind of aerial we have.

In the last couple of years, we have had vanishing channels on and off - the likes of Film 4 and ITV4 disappearing - but we've always got them back, usually by getting a technician to come and have a look at it. This time I'd like to learn myself how to fix it permanently so that we don't have to keep calling people out and giving them a fee.

I had a look at our postcode on and I was surprised to see that our transmitter is classed as Freeview Lite. How can this be when we were able to get all the channels above bar Dave until recently? We used to have most of the channels above. I'm guessing that when we were able to receive the missing channels, we were tuned in to the Winter Hill transmitter, not too far from us, which offers the full service.

Can anyone sugest a solution? Thanks.

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Film 4
Tuesday 9 October 2012 10:14AM

Dave, thanks for your detailed reply, it was very helpful!

As you suggested, I had a look at the signal strength screen for ITV3 and it is indeed tuned to C27, which is Pendle Hill. ITV3 was pixellated quite a bit at the time which adds further evidence to your theory!

So presumably, before the Olympics, we were getting COMs 5 and 6 through Pendle Hill, although I have no idea why a retune before the Olympics caused us to lose them.

I had a look at manually retuning to get the missing channels. The aerial runs through the Humax, so I guess I'd need to retune that first. It looks like I'd need to be physically on those channels to manually retune them, but on the Humax, if you don't receive a missing channel, you can't actually get on to the right number (e.g. to get Film 4 I'd need to be on channel 15 but the Humax will only allow you to access 14 and 16, even if you're using the 'next channel' button). so it looks like it's impossible to get them back. Any suggestions welcome :)

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