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I have a Panasonic DMR350 which no longer receives BBC One HD or BBC HD. I am not about to return it to its factory default state in order to receive these channels as I have better things to do with my time than reconfigure the box from scratch.

The BBC have access to DTG Testing who are in business to check changes like this with the available kit before they are rolled out. Clearly this testing was not carried out.

The problem seems to have been caused by the BBC selecting a non-standard Symbol rate which some kit (like the Panasonic DMR350) cannot support.

Does anyone know if Panasonic are planning to make a software change which will overcome this screw up by the BBC?

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Briantist: I have read all of the comments in this thread and they say that the only way to recover my Panasonic DMR350 is to return it to its shipping condition. By doing this I delete all of the configuration and all of the program recordings that I have setup. Reinstating all of this is a big job.

Also, I cannot enter the symbol rate that the BBC are using. There is a drop down for this with three option, none of which are appropriate. And in any case I can only select a symbol rate for the non-Freesat channel list which isn't where the BBC HD channels should be anyway.

Having worked in the digital TV industry up until a few years ago, the deal is that broadcasters check changes like this by testing a variety of product before making the change. If the BBC had done this then they would have spotted that there was a problem with all Panasonic kit, not exactly a small minority of customers!

The BBC need to change the way they are transmitting the HD channels so that all DVB-S2 enabled kit works. This should be entirely possible.

This changeover has been rushed and proper testing has not been conducted as a result. That is why so many customers have experienced problems and that is why there was insufficient notice given. This is a screw up on the part of BBC Distribution.

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