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MikeB I need to know which mux a channel is on if I am missing it so I can retune just that mux..

If I retune them all it might loss some muxes if I have tweaked my aerial.

If it has the mux stored it will sometimes find the channel if the signal improves there.
however if I retune the lot it will lose the that mux altogether if the signal is weak when I retune.

I have never got Forces TV even though Sky News, which I can get is on the same mux!

I do not on a page I can't like to it says "Note: Freeview HD equipment required to receive this service"
for Forces TV, Same goes for the other missing ones.


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StevensOnln1, thanks for that I do get confused. Right so it is on 56C which is 754mHz, however
even doing a manual search on that gets me nothing or at least it did the first time I tried, my VCR
thing seems to have locked up now lol.

However I have managed to get the missing HD channels (C58), what I did was disconnect my DVB-T2 stick
and then tuned my VCR and it found them, I did tweak the aerial a bit to remove some noise.

I then got the HD channels on my DVB-T2 stick, indeed I get two sets there, one from the Nottingham
transmitter I think. But no sign of com8 on c56. I have never been able to pick that up for some
reason. Wikipedia show it as very low power. ie 1.4 kW which is nothing! compared to the rest!…ion.

I don't miss it as I have never got it. Com 8 is not on the Nottingham transmitter so I can't even
try and get it there, but as I say I don't miss it and there is not much on com8 really anyway.

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Oh seems like I was replying to an old post, anyhow I have my HD channel back, I found disconnecting
a device connected to same signal booster helped pick up the missing mux, one I had it I tweak the
aerial to get the best signal, then reconnect the device I removed and managed to ge the HD mux on
that too.

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Anyhow, are not com7 and com8 disappearing after march 31st?

Anyhow I do note I get the 5kW LGN mux at 7 out of 10 bars so it is not out of the question I might
pull in the 1.5kW com8 sometime. But if it is being switched off soon it would be a mere academic exercise

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StevensOnln1: BINGO!!!!!!!! I got it!!!

I had been getting some interference on my existing channel, noticed it on BBC1, I was messing
nudging the aerial a few degrees to the left and the right trying to get it, but the noise I was loosing
one one mux I was gaining on the another.

In desperation I propped the aerial up again what is a covered water overflow tank, pointing about
30 degree upwards and that got me a real good signal on all the tuned muxes, so then I had a go
at a manual tune on com8 UHF channel 56 and it pulled all the channels in!!

It says signal strength 90 and quality 41 (out of 100) it is a good stable watchable picture, I have got
ice hockey on Freesports on atm, never seen that before, seems to be mainly foreign sports but
also some British stuff too, so handy to have, don't think anything else on the mux will be of much
interest though, but nice to have the full set.

Anyhow at least I know I can get it now and thanks for our help, dunno how long it will be before
I get problems again but it is looking pretty good at the moment! I have good signals for all
the programs I tend to watch now!

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MikeB: It is not as much fun though is it Mike?

I have all the channel now basically, and it is wideband aerial I bought, I though I would try it in
the loft and it seemed to work OK although as you know I have had some minor issues from time
to time. I can basically get everything at the moment one way or another. I can't seem to get the local
mux on my TV recorder though but I can get it on my TV provided I switch the recorder off!
Things have never been bad enough for long enough to warrant getting a new outside aerial
installed and the hassle involved in that, especially so these days when most channels
are available online. Indeed my main concern was the loss of Sky New, but I can watch that
online in HD anyway. It is good exercise running up and down stairs into the loft adjust the aerial
to see if things have improved anyway.

One thing I have been wondering is whether it is best to point the aerial perpendicular to
the slant of the roof as opposed to horizontally as it seems that may be the case, maybe I will
test the theory by doing just that? Or maybe I should leave well alone? lol.

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Well I have lost com8 at the moment, but I am not to bothered as I likely not watch it, I was OK but
then I started messing with downstairs cables to try and reduce bit error levels in one channel.

The thing is my aerial in the loft and there may be signal bouncing around in there interfering with each
other. As the signal have different lengths the interference will be different for each wave length hence
a good single on one mux may be a bad on for another mux.

Pointing the aerial up a bit did seem to help although it is lying flatish now as, I get a decent picture
on all the muxes my TV can receive directly, and all bar com8 via my recorder which can decode T2

It is all rather hit miss trying to get a good signal in the loft, I understand about the polarisation, I
have another disconnect aerial in the loft mounted vertically pointing to the Nottingham transmitter,
but it is disconnected not, (which actually has given me an idea!!! :O).

One issue I have is that when I power up my HDrecorder it interferes with the TV signal on some
muxes, indeed I think that was why I started messing around with the aerial again. Indeed it
wipe out the local mux LNG altogether and other muxes. It should not so that really.

The TV is connect to a booster by rf cable and also to the record via a hdmi cable, the recorder
is connect to the same booster.

I also notice if the record was on but I disconnect the hdmi cable the interference disappear, indeed
I just discovered now when I went to retest that aspect that if I rotate the record about 45 degees
all the interference disappears!!!

And.........I have com8 back!!!!!!!!!!!

How werid!!!!!!!

Com7 has just com8 have just disapeared though.

But the good news is my TV works on all the muxes even when the recorder of on. (atm anyway!)

Anyhow I seem to have learned somethings, and a few things to look into and some ideas.

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Well I went back to losing channel again, I had blocking from one I did find I could pick up ITV with
vertical polarity which I though odd however turns out I was picking it up from Nottingham's vertical
transmitter, I manually retuned it.
I am back to the aerial propped up against the water tank pointing up at about 25 to 30 degrees.
That seem the only was I can get some muxes and the best place overall. I have pretty much
everything but com8 is poor but not much on that and I am gonna leave it for a while you will be glad
to know, if I start messing I end up screwing the lot up usually and it is hard to find that "sweet spot".

Why angled up works best I am not sure, I read short aerial are better for lofts? Maybe the angle effectively
shortens the aerial? Maybe the roof acts like a transmitter?

Anyhow I will try and leave fairly well alone for a while, provided I don't get load of problems tomorrow

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MikeP I have never tried Sutton transmitter, it is group B apparently so bit of a prob, plus will be tricky
as I am pointing more toward the wall at the end of loft.

One thing I could so is connect two aerial together one pointing at Nottingham and one at Waltham,
I have actually done that before and use the best from both, I may try that again perhaps but it is tricky
connecting them. I would have to take com7 and 8 from Waltham as they are not on Nottingham.
Mind you they are also the hardest ones to pick up from Waltham so if I have got them I almost
certainly have all the rest anyway!

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I took a photo of my aerial so I know just were it was, maybe I will post a picture!

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