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Haven't had a good freeview signal (Tyne and wear area, aerial using Bilsdale transmitter) since lockdown began, most of day it's pixelated and freezes, you maybe catch a couple of words every 10-20 secs so unwatchable, then perhaps get up to an hour max per day uninterruped. Contacted freeview help and at800 and gone through all retunes etc, been sent a new more modern filter, no improvement. Freeview always worked fine before 4G mast set up 1/4 mile from here, it's been cagey since and now it's not fit for purpose. Not worthy of licence fee since I'm going to have to pay for cable or freesat instead if I want to watch standard channels.

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Chris. SE,

I appreciate the response, I didn't expect any assistance to my comment. For Freesat I would require all things you listed inc satelite tuner.

I've checked the coverage checker today with postcode/house number and it says no planned work or live issues at Bilsdale, coverage prediction good, it says PSB channel change 12th march 2020, I think my reception has been very bad since around that date, I'm not sure what that is or if it has anything to do with my reception issue.

You're right about freeview help, I was told to retune, then retune without any aerial plugged in( I guess that erases everything), then retune again, then manual tune. Retuning on a weak signal overwrote BBC1 and some lesser channels with nothing, manual tuning meter stated signal strength and quality virtually none existant. I tried tuning TV with aerial its own tuner and digi box tuner seperately both with same results. Last piece of advice from them was to 'try an old box', but I'd already told them I tried digibox and TV tuner incase the fault was on the digibox tuner. I managed to get BBC1 tuned back the next day, but with terrible reception as before. I was given a paycall number for freeview help by At800, but a search showed they also have a freephone number.

I've checked aerial position and leads, but not a rooftop close inspection. Somedays I can get clear picture for around a constant hour, last time my aerial had problems with a storm, it was clearly out of position and picture was bad 24/7 until fitter repaired it.

At800 have said I can be in a queue for an engineer, when government gives them the ok to enter homes due to the pandemic, so I probably will get the aerial fitter out instead to check the aerial itself.

My neighbours have virgin tv or sky etc, so I cannot get anyone to verify the same problem. I think barely anyone is now using freeview in this area.

Thank you for your time and advice, I did not know HDMI leads can damage or cause signal disruption to aerial leads.

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Chris SE,

Thanks once again for the extra interesting information.

Until I get aerial properly checked, I'll have to make do with the Iplayers and netflix. I will post back if/when a solution found.

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I made 3 comments on this thread I think, the last 2 being 24th, 25th may 2020, about awful freeview reception. I received good advice and information from Chris.SE. I said I would post back when problem solved...

The aerial fitter said the massive trees in the land behind me could be directly interfering with reception. Aerial and cables were fine, but he changed something on coax lead with better quality, aerial position was changed from Bilsdale to Pontop Pike transmitter, so the trees are not directly in the way of signal anymore. Aerial fitter said any further problems may require longer aerial pole.

Aaaah bliss, can watch normal TV now after a few months of I Player. Picture all good even on the extra channels. Thanks for your help again, Chris.SE.

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