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Map of all DAB transmitters
Monday 11 April 2016 5:22PM

Has the Lancashire multiplex recently had a power boost or something?
I've never been able to receive it before but have just found it this past weekend receivable partly around Wrexham, North Wales.
Any information will be much appreciated.

On the other hand, unusually my JVC Hi-Fi DAB band when scanning the stations/ensembles it currently only picks up Radio 1 and Radio 2 on the BBC National DAB ensemble where as the Stoke ensemble isn't seen at all. All other ensembles I currently receive on 10B, 10D, 11A, 11B, 11C and 11D are being received normally.
But if I tune to one of the presets on BBC National DAB or Stoke and flick through the stations on the ensemble, I receive all stations on each of those ensemble perfectly.

Any explanation for this odd phenomenon?

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Monday 11 April 2016 8:08PM

I've just done a scan of the stations again and counted how many stations the radio can hold.
Although it has 30 DAB presets, from the first station it finds after scanning on the lowest frequency of 10B (Smooth East Midlands) to the last station it finds on the highest frequency of 12B (BBC Radio 2), I have counted 80 stations.
Prior to the Sound Digital mux starting, I received all stations. After Sound Digital started but prior to receiving the Lancashire mux, I think I did lose 1 or 2 of the Stoke stations.
On another radio, doing an Autotune channel scan, it has found a total of 94 stations which include upto 4 regional Smooth, Heart and Capital stations (1 Heart or Capital is more than enough!).

So maybe my JVC Hi-Fi can only hold 80 stations in the ensemble station scan.
Once some of those 'z' stations and Absolute 80's on Digital 1 and the local ensembles close because they are now on the Sound Digital mux, my JVC should hopefully show a few more stations as there's no way to delete stations from the channel scan, just from the presets.

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Do you have the correct information about the transmitter powers for COM7 and COM8?
According to this other website, COM7 is 89.22kW and COM8 is 85.99kW, not 89.200 and 8.300kW as displayed here on UK Free TV.

COM7 and COM8 - a516digital

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If those lower output levels are the correct current output levels, then that would mean I would receive even less signal on COM8 than on the LOCAL multiplex.
I currently receive about 100 Quality / 96 Strength for PSB/COM4-6, 100 Quality / 85 Strength for COM7-8, 97 Quality / 42 Strength for LOCAL (Big Centre TV).
So I would've thought considering the actual signals I receive, with the signals for COM 7 and 8 not much less than PSB/COM4-6 and LOCAL a bigger signal drop, if I get 97/42 for LOCAL at 10kW, that should mean I would get even somewhere also around or slightly less than 97/42 for COM8 at 8.3kW so maybe COM7 at 89.22 and COM8 at 85.99 is correct as stated on Digital UK/a516 and this site is incorrect.
Likewise on this site at Winter Hill it says 14kW for COM8 but on Digital UK/a516 it says 22.6kW.

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