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Since switchover we have experienced ever increasing "atmospheric issues". I have a High gain aerial, humax twin tuner decoder, and a signal amp. When we first set it up everything was fine. However each month seems too have more pixelated pictures or completely lost signal than the last.
Is anybody in kirkcowan experiencing similar issues with freeview. I spoke to a friend in Sorbie and he has no issues as he can pick Caldbeck and gets significantly more stations.

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Cambret Hill (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland) Freeview Light t
Friday 7 October 2011 8:35PM
Newton Stewart

When is the Cambret transmitter going to be upgraded. Because frankly reception was better under analogue. It does feel like we're used test the system works and now we've been forgotten about. Does Ofcom perhpas hope that those of us who can't get caldbeck will refloat the economy by having to switch to freesat/sky. (Boo the murdoch)

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Should the UK close down the TV networks to allow for more mobi
Tuesday 18 February 2014 6:01PM
Newton Stewart

I find freeview is becoming difficult to defend. I'm served by the cambret hill relay transmitter. We were first to be switched over and at the time things were fine. We only got 13 channels but reception was good. however over time I found that I had to fit bigger aerials more amps. Every weather condition seemed to render our signal unwatchable. In the end I gave up and fitted freesat. Easy setup (dish and receiver) and reception has been solid. Given that we all pay the same licence fee surely we should all get the same service, not a handful of intermittent channels in one place and a comprehensive and stable service in others.

Given that the mobile networks wants to invade these wavelengths further, it seems only a matter of time until terrestrial TV is no more.

I get the impression from the rest of the posts that people are pretty fond of their terrestrial service, and are worried about internet TV.

I personally have no desire to watch TV via my telephone line, as it would seem to me another excuse for BT to put up the line rental.

Surely subscription free satellite is the only current alternative. Though I have no desire to clutter up space with more high tech junk.

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